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Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepika helping Sarika in kitchen and tells that potatoes are less. Sarika says she will go to market and buy potatoes, asks Deepu to do the work. Rukmini comes to the inhouse temple and steals 4600 from Kunal’s envelope and thinks she will take revenge for the insult. She thinks when 500 comes out of damad envelope then it will be fun. Piyush comes to Sarika’s house and asks about Sarika and Deepu indirectly. Servant tells that one is in the room and other went out. Piyush knocks on the door thinking Sarika is in room. Deepu is in the room and acts as Sarika to tease him. She tells that she was waiting for him. Piyush apologizes to her for last night. Deepu says it is ok. She asks him to tell what is his feelings for Deepika. Piyush asks do you really want to know. Deepu says yes.

Piyush says I don’t love Deepika, I love you, and wants to marry you. Deepu is shocked and teary eyes. Piyush says Deepika is my friend, and tells that I wouldn’t have look at her if she was not your friend. He says I love you. I really love you and tells that he loves her since he saw her on Ram Leela and since then he is dreaming to marry her. Deepu is in tears. Piyush says I love you Sarika. Sarika comes and hears him, gets shocked and drops the vegetable cover from her hand. Deepu sits down shockingly. He asks her to say anything. Sarika asks him what he has done and tells Deepika is inside. Piyush says atleast she came to know the truth now. Sarika asks Piyush to handle the matter, else she will tell truth to his parents and will not see his face. She comes inside the room. Piyush also comes. Sarika starts laughing and signs Piyush to laugh. Piyush laughs. Sarika tells Piyush that I told you not to do this joke and tells that Deepu can’t handle this.

Deepu says I don’t think it was a joke. Sarika tells her that Piyush understood that she is teasing him and that’s why tease her. Deepu asks Piyush if he was really joking. Piyush says yes. Deepu says I got scared. Piyush tells that this is the answer to you pranks. Sarika asks her to laugh. Deepu gets a call and goes. Sarika asks him to hear carefully and says my name shall not come inbetween you and Deepika’s relation. Piyush says I won’t trouble you, but will not marry fat Deepika. He thinks what to do and reads a newspaper kept there. He gets an idea and thinks to instigate Pragya Bua to take dowry to break their alliance. Rukmini asks where is Deepu. Deepu comes home and is angry tells Mishra ji that her friend Jyoti’s to be inlaws asked for dowry. Mishra ji talks against it. Ragini asks him to concentrate on Deepu. Deepu asks them to get ready. Rukmini asks mishra ji not to make daughter sit on their heads. Ragini says Deepu’s sasural people are nice, and haven’t asked for dowry. Rukmini says lets see if they ask or not.

Pragya Bua asks Meghna to give her dupatta. Piyush says I will give. He rubs the dupatta on floor and tells that it is dirty. Bua gets angry on Meghna. Piyush says if washing machine comes in home then it will be easy. Pragya Bua says we don’t have money to buy it. Amit comes and tells that Piyush will bring many things for you. He tells that Deepu’s family might be waiting for you to ask dowry. Pragya says Pankaj will never agree for dowry. Piyush tells Pragya that Deepu’s family are innocent and asks her to think about family and ask them. He shows greed. Amit also lies to her and tells that Pankaj will be happy once they get the dowry items. Pragya says she will ask them and goes. Kunal comes and asks what is happening. Piyush lies to him. Kunal says my eyes is on you. Mishra ji and his family come to Deepu’s house. Piyush touches Mishra ji’s feet. Mishra ji hugs him. Kunal asks him to show house to Deepu. Piyush takes her to room and tells that Namrata and Kunal are staying here for now. Deepu says they have first right. She asks can I decorate the room with our wedding pics after marriage. Piyush asks her not to think about so far. He thinks once Pragya initiates the topic of Dowry, this relation will break.

Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu tells Piyush ji that they have kept 5100 in Kunal’s envelope, but now 500 is there, she asks for his help. Piyush thinks he got a good chance.

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