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Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Tushar asking Deepu why she is not talking to Meghna. Deepu says as Babuji gave them promise not to talk to her. Meghna throws the rice as a part of pag phera rasam. Pragya gets irked as rice falls on her. She goes. Pankaj calls Madhuri and goes to room. Madhuri gives gift to Tushar and asks him to give to Meghna without talking to her. Tushar gives gift to Meghna and tells Deepu that Piyush is not at home, went to bring breakfast for them. Piyush returns and see them going. Meghna runs to him and hugs him. Piyush gets happy seeing her. He then recalls Pankaj’s promise. Deepu says you can’t talk, but atleast you can bless her. Meghna says I thought you will come for my wedding and says Deepu gave her bangles and also chunari. She felt like she got everyone’s blessings.

She asks him not to take tension and says she is fine. She asks why everyone is angry with Deepu, and says why she is punished for no fault of her. She gives Deepu’s hand in his hand and asks him to take her home. Deepu cries looking at him. The gift falls down. Meghna finds earrings. Deepu realizes Madhuri giving it. She makes her wear it. Piyush keeps the food parcel down and goes. They pick it and goes.

Piyush comes home. Pragya asks why did you come empty handed. Piyush says shop keeper don’t have food as someone ordered it in bulk. He says he asked Amit to bring food. Pragya says she is very much hungry and asks they used to be hungry before Deepu came here. Amit brings food. Pragya asks him to show what he brought.

Mishra ji tells that Sharmas are having outside food as our daughter is not there. Deepu says he bought it and forgot also. Meghna says he kept it purposely as he knows that you likes it. Rahul says you can’t talk to Meghna, but she can talk to you. Sarika comes and says hot kachoris. Ragini asks Sarika to take them for shopping for Teej puja. Sarika says it is difficult. Rukmini says they have to keep it. Rahul asks if Meghna can keep the fast. Rukmini says I will kill her if she don’t keep fast. Deepu says atleast you have accepted her as bahu. Rukmini tells Deepu that Pankaj didn’t send her anything and haven’t called Meghna for Teej. Mishra ji gives money to Meghna to shop for Teej. He asks Deepu not to keep fast. Deepu asks him not to worry and says she can manage. Ragini worries. Mishra ji says everything will be fine.

Amit tells Piyush that he will leave now as he tired of hearing Deepika puran. He says Deepu has fulfilled her duties as wife and bahu then why didn’t you stop her. Piyush says she didn’t ask me before leaving, she accepted Pankaj’s decision and left. Amit asks if she had asked you, you had stopped her or not. He says you have won the challenge. Piyush says he lov……..Amit asks him to say that he loves her. Piyush says my family needs her more than me, and says who will take care of my parents. Amit asks him to tell about his feelings. Piyush says he is fine and goes. Amit says you have fallen in love with Deepika.

Pankaj asks Madhuri why neighbors came. Madhuri says they want to celebrate Teej with us, but I refuses. Pankaj asks if she wants to do his Shradh and asks her to let Namrata have Teej. Piyush says Meghna and ……Pankaj says Meghna is dead and Deepu left with her own wish. Pragya adds fuel to his anger. Pankaj gives money to Madhuri and asks her to shop for Teej.

Tushar tells Piyush that Pankaj started scolding Madhuri again since Deepu left, and says we have become alone again. Piyush tries to pacify him. Tushar says Bhabhi must not have left. Piyush says we didn’t kick her out, she left with her wish. Tushar says what wrong did Meghna do and tells that Meghna loves Rahul as he is a nice guy and got married. He says Deepu stood by Meghna and they being her brothers haven’t stand by her. He cries. Piyush hugs him.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush tells Deepu that all family members can’t stay without her. Deepu asks what about you. Guru asks Sarika if she has kept Teej fast for him. Sarika asks have you gone mad, why I will keep fast for you. Guru says then I will keep fast for you. Ragini explains to the ladies about teej fast. Rukmini says if diya is stopped then it means husband’s life is over. Deepu says they will sit at the diya’s side and take care of it.

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