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Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking about Pankaj thanking Deepu, and says she will make everyone against her, and says Piyush already hates you. She strikes her pic with red pen and smirks. Piyush washes his hand many times, but Deepika’s name don’t go from his hand. He thinks he can’t marry her and become joke of everyone. He thinks about Pankaj’s words and thinks because of her, he got Pankaj’s love. He thinks but he can’t marry Deepu and hears her taunts. He is sure that he don’t want to marry her. Mishra ji clicks Deepu’s pic as she is sleeping. Deepu wakes up and asks what happened? Mishra ji says today you will get married and go to your house.

He says we were here all night and talked about the memories. Deepu says I am here in this city. Mishra ji says but you will not be in the house and gets emotional. Deepu also gets emotional and hugs him. Mishra ji says we always cared for your happiness and asks her to forgive them if they hurt her intentionally or unintentionally. Deepu gets teary eyes. Ragini apologizes to her for not giving food to her some times to make her diet. Deepu says she always seen love in her scolding. Coconut water seller comes and gives coconut. Mishra ji asks him not to bring it tomorrow and says Deepu is going. Deepu asks him to bring coconut to her new house and take money from Mishra ji. Darshan teases Deepu. Deepu runs after him.

Kunal asks Piyush to get ready and says today is your marriage. Piyush goes to bathroom. Kunal thinks to call Pandit ji, and takes Piyush’s phone. He reads the message written by Piyush for Deepu. He gets angry. Piyush comes and asks what you are doing with my phone. Kunal says I thought you made up your mind to marry her. Piyush says he don’t want to marry her as he don’t love her. Kunal asks what do you know about love, and says Deepu loves you but you are attracted to Sarika. He asks why he don’t want to marry her and asks him to tell if she has any defect. Kunal promises to cancel his wedding and asks him to write down what is her bad qualities. Piyush writes down that she is fat and couldn’t write any more bad qualities. Kunal tells him that beauty will go, but what remains for forever is the good qualities and values. He asks him not to do anything else nobody will save him from him. Piyush thinks now see what I will do.

Pandit ji does puja at Mishra ji’s house and asks them to do keep fast. Ragini asks Pandit ji to do kalire rasam. Pandit ji says we don’t have such rasam. Mishra ji says Ragini is Ekta Kapoor’s serials fan and will do many rasam. Darshan and Rahul tie kalire to Deepu. Deepu does the ritual and kalire falls on Rahul. Rukmini gets happy.

Madhuri asks Meghna to fill mehendi. Piyush comes out of his room and collides with Pragya. He looks at the house, takes keys and leave the house.

Mishra ji shows the ghatbandhan cloth to Ragini and tells that he wants Piyush to wear it. Darshan asks if I am not your son. Mishra ji says we will take it back after they get married. He calls Pankaj and tells him that he wants to send it. Pankaj asks him to send. He searches for Piyush in the house. Madhuri, Namrata and Meghna search him. Namrata says don’t know where he has gone. She says may be he got nervous. Tushar says scooter is missing. Namrata says he will come. Pragya says he must have eloped. Namrata says why he will go. Madhuri gets worried. Pankaj gets angry. Darshan comes and tells that Mishra ji sent the cloth. Pankaj says ok. Darshan goes. Kunal says he will search piyush till evening. Pragya thinks if Piyush escaped from there.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amit tells Pankaj that piyush don’t love Deepu. Kunal tells Pankaj that it is 5 pm and says we shall tell Mishra ji and his family that he is missing.

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