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Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush taking his wallet from the cupboard, Deepu saree fall down from the cupboard. He picks it up and throws on bed. He says you left with your wish, but everyone is blaming me, nobody asked me about my wish. He imagines her asking him what he wants. Piyush says you would have thought before going, says how everyone will stay without you. She holds his hand and makes him sit, and asks what about you? Rang De Tu Mohe… plays. Piyush says I am talking about everyone. Deepu says she has taken 7 rounds with him and he will be her target. She gets closer to him. Piyush asks her to stay far. Deepu says who asked you to be in limits. Madhuri comes there and asks him to take her out. She gives car keys and says don’t know when Pankaj will take it back. He imagines Deepu telling that everything happened because of her.

Guru and his friends are sitting outside Sarika’s house. His friend asks why did you keep fast. Sarika comes out. Guru asks if she kept fast and is looking good. Sarika asks if he has gone mad, why she will keep fast for him. She goes. His friends ask why did he keep them hungry. Guru says how can you have food when I am fasting.

Deepu buys saree for Meghna.. Sarika asks her to buy saree for herself. Piyush comes there to buy Bundi. Deepu gets emotional and tells that it is her favorite color and recalls their engagement clothes. Sarika asks her to talk to Piyush. Deepu says he will not talk to me. He has won the challenge, I came out of house before 60 days and asks Shop keeper to keep meghna’s saree ready. They go. Piyush tells Namrata that Deepu that even have the right to get Teej clothes and asks her to give money. Namrata says Meghna’s inlaws will not buy clothes for her. Piyush says he is talking about Deepu. Madhuri gives him money. He comes to the saree shop and asks him to keep saree in Deepu’s shopping bag and pays him 2000 rs. He gives beautiful description of Deepu. He asks him to do gift packing also. Deepu comes there and collides with him. She gets emotional seeing her. Dhhai kilo sad version plays…..Piyush looks at her and smiles before going. Deepu turns and looks at him going.

Sarika comes there and comforts Deepu. Deepu tells them that piyush was there, even Madhuri and Namrata might have come for Teej shopping. Namrata asks Madhuri to hurry up and says Piyush might be waiting for them. Deepu sees Madhuri, comes near her and drops her shopping bag intentionally. Madhuri puts some stuff in Deepu’s bag. Deepu touches her feet. Madhuri blesses her and goes. They leave. Piyushs is standing behind Deepu and smiles. Sarika and Deepu come home and show saree to Meghna. Meghna likes it and says she don’t know how to wear sarees. Ragini says they will teach her. Ragini finds another packet. Sarika says this is the same saree which we liked for you. Deepu realizes Piyush bought it for her. Ragini says it has two bangles pack also. Deepu realizes Madhuri keeping it. Ragini asks from where did it come? Deepu says from my sasural and gives one bangles set to Meghna. Meghna and Deepu get emotional. Mishra ji brings tea and asks where did Deepu go?

In the morning, Ragini explains to Deepu about the fast. She asks her to wear the clothes. Deepu sits to have mehendi and asks designer to write R on Meghna’s hand. Rukmini gets irked. Deepu writes Piyush on her hand with mehendi. Mishra ji says swing is ready. Rukmini stops Deepu from sitting on it and says I will sit on it, if swing breaks if you sit on it. Mishra ji says swing is strong and even Piyush can sit with Deepu. He says first right is of Deepu. He makes her sit. Rukmini gets irked. Girls make her swing. Deepu smiles.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya says don’t know if Deepu kept the fast or not. Piyush says she will keep the fast surely. Later Rukmini scolds Meghna and tries to blow off the diya to risk Piyush’s life. Deepu tries to stop her and the diya falls off from her hand. Deepu is shocked.

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