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Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit searching Piyush and asks Darshan if Piyush is found. Darshan says he is at home. Amit says no and goes. He comes home. Pankaj asks where is piyush? Amit says I don’t know where did he go and tells that he don’t love Deepu. Madhuri says Piyush sent love message to Deepu. Amit says it was misinterpreted. Pankaj gets angry and says it would have been good if he kills me. I praised him a lot, what I will tell them. Amit says may be he eloped. Madhuri slaps him and asks what you are saying. She worries for Deepu and cries. Pragya thinks mahurat is for 7 pm and if he don’t turn up then their respect will be ruined.

Darshan informs Ragini and Mishra ji that Piyush is missing. Ragini says we shall not tell Deepu. Sarika recalls Piyush telling that he don’t love Deepu, but her. Mishra ji says we shall go to their house and talk. Sarika asks her to be with Deepu and says she will go with Mishra ji. They leave. Kunal tells Pankaj that they are searching Piyush everywhere and he will be found soon. Pragya says we want him before 7. Pankaj tells Mishra ji that Piyush went to pick his boss from airport. Mishra ji gets relaxed and says he will inform Ragini.

Madhuri tells Sarika that Piyush is missing and have eloped due to marriage fear. Sarika says you had promised that nothing wrong will happen with Deepu and says if she comes to know that Piyush don’t love her and I know this thing then she will hate me. Madhuri assures her that she will not let anything wrong happen with Deepu and says we will find him.

Sarika asks if Piyush will marry Deepu. Madhuri says yes. She asks Sarika not to tell anything to Deepu or her family. Mishra ji calls Sarika and asks her to come. Sarika gets Deepu’s call and she asks her to come.

Deepu gets ready for her marriage and imagines Piyush making her wear anklet. She imagines Piyush making her wear necklace etc and kissing her hairs. Rang De plays……He makes her wear dupatta and says all guys must be jealous today. Deepu asks him not to say anything. Make up artiste does her make up. Deepu thinks she can’t wait any longer.

Kunal tells Pankaj that it is 5 pm and says just 2 hours are left. We have to inform Mishra ji. Namrata says we shall call. Pankaj says no, and says he will go to Mishra ji’s house and will rub his nose on their feet and apologize. Kunal says I will also come. They all decide to go. Amit feels apologetic. Madhuri apologizes to him.

Deepu tells Sarika that they shall leave immediately for the marriage hall and asks her to get ready. Sarika says aunty is doing last minute check. Deepu asks Sarika to check and says they shall not be late. Deepu calls Piyush.

Madhuri, Pankaj, Pragya, Namrata, Kunal and Amit comes to Mishra ji’s house. Mishra ji is surprised and says we would be going to function hall now. Pankaj says I couldn’t stop myself from coming here. Ragini asks if everything is fine. Kunal says what to tell. Just then Deepu comes running to Mishra ji cryingly and tells that Piyush met with an accident. Everyone is shocked. She says just now I talk to Doctor and asks him to come. Rukmini asks Pragya what is this new drama.

Deepu comes to the hospital along with others and asks about Piyush’s room. Receptionist asks her to go to room no. 7. Deepu runs to his ward, but stops. She says I can’t see his face before marriage. Ragini says yes. Madhuri and others go inside. Everyone see Piyush’s injured leg and asks what happened. Doctor says his left leg got injured and needs rest for 15 days or 1 week atleast. Piyush says sorry. Mishra ji says its ok. Pankaj asks why did you go? Doctor talks to Pankaj and tells him that the person who brought Piyush told that he did accident intentionally and that’s why he didn’t get any major injury. Pankaj and Kunal are shocked. Rahul tells Deepu that he is fine. They ask her to have water. Deepu says no and says she is having fast. She says nothing will happen due to her size and says her 3 brothers will not let anything happen to her. Kunal assures her that he will make everything fine. Pankaj says we will take him home.

Pragya and Rukmini talk to each other on phone. Pragya tells that Piyush can’t marry now. Rukmini says then he will get time to tell truth to Deepu. Pragya says she will do some dhamaka.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Namrata asks Piyush why did he do this? Piyush says he don’t want to marry fat girl. Pankaj says he will beat him with chappal. Madhuri stops him and says she will punish him. She beats him with chappal.

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