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Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu asking Piyush, can she decorate the room with marriage pics. Piyush asks her not to think about far and says he has one pic (of Sarika). Deepu says your independence will be snatched. Piyush says I fear that. Door bell rings. Sarika brings food. Pankaj says he will give nek. Sarika says Deepu and Piyush helped me. Deepu asks Sarika to sit and says she will serve. Sarika asks Pankaj to give her something else other than nek. Pankaj asks her to ask him. Sarika says she wants Piyush and Deepu to have food in one plate. Bua says let them get married first. Kunal says we have no objection. Pankaj says 1 min and says we have no objection. Madhuri asks Deepu to sit with Piyush. Kunal says Piyush will make Deepu eat first. Pankaj asks him to make her have it and says she must be hungry. Piyush hesitantly makes her have food. Deepu is shy. She then makes him have food. Kunal asks Meghna to take pics. Sarika looks on. Piyush says he had enough. Deepu says even I am done and asks Madhuri to sit.

Piyush instigates Bua to talk about work. Pragya says I will talk after having food. Deepu is keeping the envelopes and sees only note 500 note in Kunal’s envelope. She recalls Mishra ji asking Ragini to keep 5100 in the envelope. Pankaj says Sarika left, if she had stayed here, I would have thanked her nicely. Madhuri says we will buy gift for her. Deepu signs Ragini to come. Ragini doesn’t understand and sits still. Taya ji asks Pankaj to sing song and asks him to get harmonium. Meghna asks Deepu to sit with Piyush. Pankaj sings song aye meri zohra jabeen and plays harmonium. Madhuri smiles.

Mishra ji and Ragini dance together. Mishra ji sings for Ragini. Taya ji dances with Rukmini. Kunal dances with Namrata. Deepu imagines dancing with piyush. She asks him to come to room. He comes to room and asks what happened? Deepu tells that they have brought 5100 in Kunal’s envelope, but now it is 500 just. She asks for his help and asks him to give loan. Piyush thinks he got a good chance today. Tushar comes and tells you took money from Jiju. Piyush hides the money and shows empty envelope. Deepu sees his empty wallet and puts 500 in his wallet from Kunal’s envelope. Piyush tells that he will give money to Kunal tomorrow.

Mishra ji asks Ragini to give nek to everyone. Ragini gives envelope to Piyush. Piyush takes the remaining envelopes and says I will distribute. Pragya Bua tells that they shall have AC as it is hot. Mishra ji and Ragini looks on. Rukmini says it is hot here and says she will go back once this marriage happens. Everyone ask Piyush to give their envelopes.
They open their envelopes happily. Piyush tells Kunal that it seems your envelope have 500 just. Namrata asks him not to insult them. Pankaj asks him to be wise and says they will not give less money to Kunal than Tukku. Kunal opens his envelope and looks at Piyush. He tells everyone that 5100 is inside the envelope. Piyush is shocked and asks him to show. Kunal says there are two pink 2000 notes, two 500 notes and one number. Namrata asks him to show and sees his envelope. She is shocked to see 500. Piyush smirks. Kunal understands his plan.

Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Pankaj tells that Mishra ji’s family have to answer him for disrespecting his damad.

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