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Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu coming to room. Piyush sleeps on bed. Deepu asks him to sleep alone on bed and says she will sleep on floor. He is surprised and gives her pillow, but she asks him to have both pillows and says she will manage. Piyush gets happy and says he will have a peaceful sleep today, and asks about the change in her. Deepu says he brought change in her and says whatever you told Rahul. Piyush says he can’t bear any girl or women’s insult. He says he keeps silent when Pankaj scolds Madhuri, as he is his father. Deepu says you tried to break a girl’s marriage and broken your leg. Piyush says then also he married her. She says she will massage his legs. He refuses. They get closer while arguing. Song plays. Deepu says she will talk to him nicely. Piyush says he wants to see her hairs cut. Deepu gets upset and says she will sleep on bed now. Piyush says whatever, I will not get sleep as I am waiting for morning to see your hairs cut. He sleeps. Deepu smiles.

Rahul and Meghna talk on phone. He says Piyush shouldn’t have slapped me. Meghna blames Deepu. He says he wants to meet her at hotel Royal at 5 pm. Pragya eavesdrops on her and thinks she will send her.

Pankaj asks Madhuri about Deepu. Madhuri says she went out. Piyush hopes Deepu leaves the house today. Pankaj laughs reading the joke. Tushar says this is 3 years old joke, but you; came on whatsapp just now. Pankaj asks him to add Deepu’s name in the whatsapp group. Tushar adds her name. Pankaj is shocked to see Deepu’s profile pic and says what happened to her. Just then Deepu comes there with short hairs. Everyone is shocked. Piyush smiles. Everyone gets up from the dining table. Madhuri asks what did you do? Pragya asks why you are walking like featherless bird. Kunal asks the same. Madhuri says why9 did you cut your long and beautiful hairs. Meghna says yesterday she was apologizing to Pankaj and today she came with the hair do. Pankaj asks what did you do and says films and TV are spoiling today’s generation.

Deepu looks on. He says you can’t stay with these hairs, pack your bags and leave. I will talk to your father. Deepu is shocked. Piyush is happy. Deepu tells Piyush that she told him not to get her hairs cut and says everyone got angry. Piyush is tensed. Madhuri asks did you ask her. Pankaj asks did you ask her to get her hairs cut. He praises Deepu for agreeing to her husband’s saying. Madhuri says what people, neighbors and Deepu’s parents will tell. Piyush says he didn’t know that she will get her hairs cut. Deepu tells about the challenge. Piyush says he will take back the challenge, but hairs will not come. Deepu asks him again. He says he takes back the challenge. Deepu takes out the wig and says she knows all family members will be upset and that’s why she just did a test, but if he wants she can get her hairs cut. Pankaj scolds him. Deepu says she has brought kachoris and jalebis for everyone. Pragya thinks she is clever, but can’t change Meghna. Deepu gives the wig to Piyush and goes to serve it to all.

Pankaj talks to Soni and asks him about icecream fridge rates. Kunal asks him to search on net. Pankaj says he will buy from dealer. Kunal tells him that Pankaj have ended your trouble in one go. Pankaj says he is competent and gives credit to Deepu. Kunal says your bahu is best and it is not a joke to have much joke and says obesity came for some use. Deepu says it is not about obesity, but of courage. Pankaj says you are right and gives her some money asking her to buy saree of her choice. Deepu smiles. Madhuri tells Deepu that they shall go for shopping. Deepu says she will buy headphones with this money for Tushar. Madhuri gets emotional and kisses her.

Pragya comes to Meghna and tells that everyone is in pair and she also feels that she shall have someone. Meghna says she is in still in college. Pragya says I would have went to got married if went to college and tells that a guy used to like her, but she used to stay at home and was scared, else would have married him. She indirectly asks her to know Rahul and marry him. Meghna thanks her and says you are sweet Bua.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu calls Mishra ji and tell that Rahul and Meghna went somewhere. Piyush says they shall find her before Pankaj gets to know this and informs Kunal. Rahul and Meghna are in hotel. Rukmini sees them.

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