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Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini giving saree to Deepu and says she worn the saree on her marriage day. Deepu says she will wear lehenga and asks Mishra ji to handle her. Mishra ji says she is Maa. Ragini asks her to take it with her. Rukmini comes and asks if she has gone mad due to shock. Taya says she is happy as Deepu’s marriage is fixed and asks Ragini to make her understand. Rukmini asks if everyone is mad. Ragini asks her to have sweets.. Rukmini says her friend got mad as her daughter marriage was cancelled. Ragini asks did you break her marriage also. Taya ji asks Ragini to go ahead and says I am with you. Ragini tells Rukmini that Deepu has convinced her inlaws again and says tomorrow is her engagement. He asks her to have sweets and talk sweetly, and warns her not to try to break Deepu’s marriage again. She says they are bearing her because of Jeth ji else would have shown the door. Rukmini gets angry.

Later in the morning, Deepu tells her family that Pankaj is strict and opens shop at right time. He don’t send tourist without having tea and food, as he says country’s guest is our guest. Mishra ji says sasur prem. Deepu says you will see it in tiffin and says she made Pankaj’s favorite sabzi. Mishra ji says now I have to eat his favorite food. Ragini says she will pack his tiffin after his marriage. Mishra ji asks her to send same tiffin to Pankaj. He says he fought with goons for you. Deepu says he fought like a film hero and says you should have seen the fight. Mishra ji says I would have killed those goons. Ragini says you can’t climb the stairs, how you will fight. Ragini says you have not that power. Mishra ji gets emotional and says I am going from your life. Deepu says you are my hero Papa and says I made your favorite kheer too. She makes him laugh.

Ragini says what Piyush will say, she is still childish. Mishra ji says what he will say and says I don’t know anything about my damaad. Ragini says you scared him once, he will not come to you. Mishra ji asks Deepu to tell Piyush that he called him. Piyush’s phone rings. Kunal comes and asks why you are not picking the call. Piyush says I don’t want to talk. Kunal picks the call and tells Deepu that Piyush is mad about her. He gives call to Piyush. Deepu says Papa wants to meet you. Piyush asks why, if he wants to cancel the marriage. Deepu asks him not to joke with her. Kunal gives angry stare and goes. Pankaj tells Deepu to call him at 7 pm for scotch party and says he will make him buddy. Piyush says he is busy. Kunal comes there and stares him. Piyush agrees to come and ends the call. Piyush says constable will reach the house at 7 pm. Piyush says I will send letter to your dept saying you are misusing the power. Kunal asks him send letter after meeting Mishra ji.

Piyush reaches home. Mishra ji makes the drink and gives to Piyush. He tells that he wants to know about him and wants to become buddy sasur. Piyush smiles. Mishra ji says now I will be quiet, you say what is in your heart. Piyush drinks the scotch. Mishra ji asks what do you like. Piyush says I don’t play or watch cricket. Mishra ji says ok. He tells him that he likes watches and tells that when he got job for the first time, he went to shop and saw a gold plated watch, but he was not having money. He says he brought it after 4 years, and says I won’t let anybody touch it. Piyush says sorry. Mishra ji says this watch is my pride and says I want to handover this watch to you. Piyush says I can’t keep this watch, it is precious. Deepu comes and asks shall I serve food. Piyush says I can’t take it and tells that it is very costly. Mishra ji makes him wear it. Piyush gets emotional. Mishra ji thanks him for coming in Deepu’s life. Darshu says you are lucky as Papa never let me touch his watch. Piyush tells that he need to go. Deepu asks him to have food. Piyush says no and tells that he can’t have this expensive watch.

Mishra ji comes to him and says when I can give my daughter to you, then what is the value of this watch. Piyush is going back home and recalls Mishra ji’s words and Deepu’s concern and love for him. He gets Amit’s call and asks him to meet him. Amit asks him to come to his house. They drink wine. Piyush looks at the watch given by Mishra ji and is emotional and gets tears in his eyes. He tells him that Deepu’s father gave him watch and tells that he is a prince for him, and he respects him so much. He says I don’t want to marry, but they are giving me respect. He says I shall be beaten on the road. Amit asks why you are talking nonsense when you don’t love her. Piyush says but she loves me naa. Amit looks on.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush says I am going to marry Deepu and people will say see elephant couple. He says Deepika is good, and I hate myself for the doings.