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Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Deepu to get out of house and drags her. Deepu refuses to go until Piyush gets fine and says I will stay here. She asks her not to force her. Pragya asks her if she will kill her and asks her to press her neck. Deepu says Piyush needs her and she is going inside. Madhuri asks Pragya to let Deepu go inside. Pragya refuses to let her go inside. Madhuri says Piyush needs her and asks her to go. Deepu goes inside. Madhuri says I know that you are worried for Piyush, but right now he needs Deepu, if anything happens to him then I will not forgive anyone.

Ragini cries and says Deepu kept fast then also Piyush got heart attack. Mishra ji asks her not to doubt on God and says our daughter is in her sasural and will make everything fine. Ragini cries hugging him. Deepu comes to kitchen and says she will cook. She thanks her for letting her stay in house. Deepu asks her to see from Meghna’s perspective. Madhuri says when you came here, you brought good change in him, but he is angry with you as he lost his daughter because of you. She says I have gone against Pragya, but I will not go against Pankaj. She respects his decision and thinks about her family. She asks her to concentrate on Piyush’s health and goes. Pragya determines to attack Deepu today itself. She comes to room and asks Deepu to come out.

Deepu comes out. Pragya says someone came to deliver the medicine and asks her to check. Deepu goes out to check and says there is nobody here. Pragya says but you are here, and closes the door. Deepu thinks how to open the door and go inside. She thinks to stay out till morning and asks God to protect him. She cries. She cries and thinks about Piyush. Piyush wakes up and sees Deepu not in the room. He calls her name. Deepu hears Piyush calling her. He tries to get the water and the glass falls down. He calls Deepu again. Deepu thinks to go by back side. She runs there, and tries to open the door, but it is locked. Piyush falls down from the bed. She tries to climb the wall, but couldn’t. She sees bricks kept over there and kept them on each other to climb on it, but she falls down. She climbs again, but couldn’t jump.

Rahul asks Meghna to forget her mother’s sayings. Meghna says she is black with heart and behavior. Rahul gets upset with her, and says she is my mum. Meghna says truth doesn’t change with that, she stoop so low. She says if she tells anything again against Piyush then I will not bear.
Supermarket owner tells Guru that his supermarket is bearing loss because of this (Pankaj’s shop) shop, and asks him to burn the shop. Guru says he has to plan how to burn it. Supermarket owner leaves. Guru and his friend see police and runs.

Guru runs and comes near Pankaj’s house. He sees Deepu trying to climb on the wall and asks her to climb up on his back and jump the wall. He finds her weight heavy and thinks his shoulder will dislocate. Deepu manages to get inside and thanks Guru. Guru nods. Madhuri asks Piyush why did you wake up, you would have called Deepika. Pragya says it seems she went back home. Piyush gets sad. He sees Deepu and gets happy. Pragya is shocked. Madhuri asks where did you go? Deepu says she went to bring water for him. She tells Piyush that she will not leave him and will stay with him. Tushar says we shall let him rest. They all leave. Deepu looks at Pragya. Pragya angrily looks at her and goes. Piyush signs Deepu what happened? Deepu nods nothing. He holds her hand. She also holds his hand and smiles. Dhhai kilo prem music plays.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush again suffers heart attack and stop breathing. Everyone is shocked. Deepu gives him CPR(mouth to mouth respiration) to make him get back to life.

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