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Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini telling Mishra ji that those moments are still afresh. He recalls Deepu coming and wanting to sit on the swing. He sees Deepu swinging on the swing and tells Ragini that she has grown up, don’t know when we will see her happiness. Ragini says we never thought that her first teej will be like this. Deepu imagines Piyush coming and holding her hand while she is swinging. He kisses on her cheeks. Rang De song plays. He also sits and swing with her. Rukmini asks her to move so that she can swing. She sits and swings on it.

Pragya tells everyone that if meghna would have married with their wish then she would have been swinging here. Tushar taunts her. Namrata swings and asks if the swing will break. Piyush says no and tells that it would have broken with Deepu‘s weight. Pragya says don’t know if she kept fast or not. Piyush says she has kept surely. Deepu gets ready and wears saree which Piyush bought for her. She tells the katha and reminisces Piyush. Madhuri also tells that katha and asks Pankaj and Kunal to sleep. Kunal says he will sleep only after making Namrata eat. Madhuri says she shall call Ragini and asks her not to let Deepu have nirjala fast. Namrata says her parents will not let her keep fast. Ragini asks them to keep the diya checked and not to let it blow off. Rukmini threatens Meghna and says if diya is set off then she will kill her. Deepu asks her not to worry. Rukmini says I am not talking about your husband. Deepu says nothing will happen with my husband. Rukmini thinks to set off her diya. Sarika plays the music. They dance. Namrata also dances in Pankaj’s house. Piyush imagines Deepu and smiles. Pragya signs him why he is smiling. Sarika and other girls ask Deepu to dance.

Piyush is sad. Amit asks if he gave her saree. Piyush says he gave her saree, but she didn’t call even once. Amit says you wanted her to call you. They hear a woman asking a shop keeper to return her money. Piyush asks shop keeper to return her money. He returns his money. Woman thanks her. Piyush says if my wife would have been on my place, then she must have broken his face. Woman prays for them and leaves. Amit asks Piyush if he is missing Deepu. Piyush says yes.
Deepu asks Meghna to look at the diyas till she comes back after freshening up. Rukmini thinks today your diya will be off. Meghna gets sleep. Rukmini picks the diya and is about to set it off, when Deepu comes, runs and holds the diya in her hand. Ragini asks her to have something. Deepu says she will have something after the fast. Meghna says she will take care of Diya. Deepu says she can’t sleep and can’t let her diya set off. She takes diya with her. Ragini says she loves him very much, but see her destiny. Meghna looks on.

Deepu is in her room and keep looking at the diya. Piyush climbs up on the stairs and calls her name. Deepu thinks it is her imagination. Piyush asks her to hold his hand else he will fall. She pulls him inside. They have an eye lock. Piyush asks her to get the stairs repaired. Deepu says who will climbed on it. Piyush says even a dog haven’t climbed other than me. Deepu says he would have come by door. Piyush says he is scared of Pankaj and says he came as she kept fast. Deepu laughs and says she haven’t kept fast. Piyush gives her triple cheese pizza and asks her to have it. She says she is not hungry. Piyush asks her to say that she kept fast for him.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush asks her to come home. Deepu refuses and says I left that home as everyone wanted to break relation with me. Until everyone accepts me, I won’t go. Later Ragini asks Deepu to go. Piyush gets attack. Tushar says Bhaiyya got heart attack. Madhuri and pankaj are shocked.

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