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Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri telling Pankaj that Piyush is harming herself to skip marriage. Pankaj says you are thinking about just Piyush and asks her not to forget that they have two daughters. He says if this thing happens with Meghna, how she will be heartbroken. Madhuri says how Deepu will reach after she comes to know the truth. Pankaj says I trust her fully, when she can convince me then she can convince Piyush too. He praises Deepu and says she will win, and they are there to support her. Pankaj comes out and asks Piyush not to act to be hurt, and says you have dashed scooter with the wall. Piyush is shocked. Namrata asks him to tell. Kunal asks him not to lie as they know that he harm himself intentionally. Piyush says yes and says he don’t want to marry that fat girl. Pankaj gets angy and says today he will beat him with chappal. Madhuri stops him. Pankaj asks him not to shield piyush. Madhuri says she will punish him and beats with chappal. Piyush asks what you are doing? Madhuri asks why did you break your foot.

Piyush says what to do then, I told that I don’t want to marry fat girl. Madhuri says she is ashamed to call him as her son, and says you have broken your promise. She says you have added salt in the food during roka. Then you made her drink wine in engagement. Piyush says I didn’t make her drink. Madhuri says don’t know what you have done. Piyush says you are not seeing the reason and says she is fat. Kunal says you are stuck to one point. He tells Pankaj that he asked piyush to tell one bad quality in Deepu. Piyush says I told you that she is fat and that’s enough to break the marriage. Pankaj says your tail is complicated. Pragya says you are also fat and have to marry fat girl.

Piyush says he will not marry fat girl. Madhuri asks can you promise that other girl will win our heart like Deepu, and says beauty is not important, what is important is manners. Piyush says what matters to him is beauty now. Pankaj says he will not agree this way and asks who thinks that I am forcing Piyush- nobody, who thinks that I am against Piyush- nobody, he asks who thinks piyush’s thinking is right- nobody, who thinks that Deepu don’t deserve to be bahu of our house- nobody tell anything.

Pankaj asks who wants me to go to Mishra ji’s house and cancel this marriage. Kunal, Namrata and others say nobody. Pankaj says this house runs on everyone’s thinking and not on your thinking. He says this marriage will happen anyhow, and asks him do anything whatever he like. He says we all will keep an eye on this man and says marriage will happen today. He asks everyone to make the marriage preparations.

Ragini gives Prasad to everyone and says she will go to Vaishnov temple after Deepu gets married. Deepu gets angry on her and says marriage can happen later, but now he needs to be fine. Sarika goes to her and says he will be alright. Deepu cries and says she doesn’t know about his injury. She asks Sarika to call her. Deepu calls Piyush. Pragya don’t let Piyush talk to him.

Mishra ji tells Pankaj that they shall postponed the wedding. Pankaj says if marriage happens today then Deepu can take care of him and see him. Rukmini asks them to get them married today itself and says mahurat is auspicious. Mishra ji says how marriage will happen without baraat. Pankaj says marriage can happen without baraat. Mishra ji says as Piyush is injured, so Deepu will take baraat. Pankaj agrees and says let this unique ritual happen. Piyush comes to know about this and is surprised. Kunal says when the groom broke down his foot, then bride have to bring baraat.

Band Baja people come to Deepu’s house. They get to know that bride is taking baraat to groom’s house. Neighbors come and says these rituals are unique. Mishra ji says all these rituals have made by us, and asks everyone to dance.

Piyush tries to escape and crawls on the floor. Meghna and Tushar catch him and asks him to go to his room.

Deepu gets ready for the marriage. Rukmini wears jewellery and tells Taya ji that media is coming to marriage function. Taya ji asks how you will change your face. Mishra ji compliments Ragini’s beauty and does poetry in her honor.

Everyone waits to see Deepu. Sarika comes and asks them to see most beautiful bride. Everyone looks at her.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush asks Amit to save him from marriage. Amit says he has accepted Deepika as his sister and will not let this marriage break. Piyush is shocked. Deepu brings the baraat.