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Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu coming to Tushar’s room and says she brought new head phones from him. She asks him from where did he get money to buy headphone. He says he had saved some money. Deepu sees piggy bank and asks if Meghna gave him money. He says no and says Meghna was here, she didn’t go anywhere. Deepu asks him to say truth. Tushar says you are doubting unnecessarily and runs making excuse. Deepu thinks Meghna will ruin everything. Piyush talks to his friend and he appreciates him for selling more policies after marriage. Piyush gets upset and says I am doing hardwork and wife is appreciated. Deepu comes to Piyush and tells him that she needs to talk to him about Meghna, and tells that Rahul came to meet Meghna last time, and she saw her with him in the burger plaza too. Piyush gets shocked. Deepu tells him everything. Meghna and Rahul come to the hotel. She says there is nobody here, may be there is some special arrangement for someone. Rahul says it is for you. She feels shy. They sit on the table.

Rahul holds her hand. He gives her I love you card and proposes her love. He asks do you love me? Meghna smiles and tells I love you too. Khuda Jaane Me…….plays…..Rahul hugs Meghna happily. Piyush comes to Tushar and asks him to tell truly what happened yesterday. Tushar says Meghna gave him money so that she can go to meet Priya. He says he will go and bring her from extra class. Deepu says news is announced on TV that schools and colleges are closed.

Piyush calls Meghna and phone is off. Deepu calls Meghna’s friend and asks about Meghna, and is shocked to know that there is no extra class. Piyush and Deepu get worried. Deepu says she will call Rahul. Pragya hears them and says now she will see what they do. Rahul gifts chain with RM to Meghna. Meghna asks if he was confident that she will say yes. Rahul says his name is Rahul. Waitress comes and identifies Rahul as hero and shakes hand with him. Meghna gets jealous and asks him not to mingle with girls. He says ok, he will delete all fans pics. Piyush says he will beat Tushar. Deepu calls Mishra ji and asks about Rahul. He says he went out and later Rukmini also went. Deepu tells him that Rahul went with Meghna.

Piyush calls Kunal and tells him that Meghna went somewhere with Rahul. Piyush tells Kunal that he has to find Meghna before Pankaj comes to know about her. Kunal says may be she is stuck in rain. Meghna and Rahul click selfie. He post on his instragram account. Meghna tells Rahul that she has to go and come out, and gets drenched in rain. Rahul comes behind her and takes her back to hotel. Rukmini’s auto gets stopped and the driver asks her to get down from it. Rukmini also goes to the same lodge. Mishra ji and Kunal search them on the road. Madhuri comes and says she is making pakodas and tells that Pankaj will come soon. Meghna feels cold. Rahul says they shall take a room so that she can dry her clothes and they can go home. Meghna refuses. He asks if she don’t trust him. She says yes. He books the room. Rukmini thinks to order a tea and orders tea. Meanwhile Rahul and Meghna are going to the room. Rukmini sees them and thinks what game they are playing in rain.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini drags Meghna out of hotel room and take her to Pankaj’s house while holding her hairs. Pankaj is shocked to see Meghna wearing shirt. Rukmini pushes Meghna. Piyush holds her. Rukmini tells them that she has found them blackening her face in hotel room. Pankaj is shell shocked. Others are also shocked. Meghna cries and nods no.

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