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Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush getting emotional and tells Amit that Deepika’s father has treated him like a prince and giving me respect and I am behind breaking the marriage. He says I shall be beaten on the road. Amit says you don’t love him. Piyush says but she loves me, don’t know what she saw in me. Amit asks him to tell the truth to Deepu. Piyush says I can’t do because of Maa. He says I hate myself for my doings. He says since childhood, he was taunted for his weight by his father, friends and neighbors. He says I always thought this is the only solution for this, and thought I will marry a slim and beautiful girl, and it will be slap on their face. But I am marry Deepika, a fat girl. People will say see elephant couple is going. He says I can’t marry her, Deepu’s heart burden is not more than me. He says I want to show people that I, the fat man, balloon etc can marry a lean girl. He says Deepika will get a good guy like her, but I will not marry her. He hugs Amit and says he has to do something big.

Pragya Bua checks white hair in her hairs and thinks yesterday I saw it, but why it is not seen today. Piyush comes there and tells that he wants 50000 Rs as Deepika needs diamond ring for engagement. Pragya Bua asks if she is a princess and says they didn’t give us anything, and demanding diamond ring. Piyush tells that his friend got married and got so much dowry. Pragya says whatever comes from your inlaws can be used in Meghna’s marriage. She says Deepika is asking one diamond, I will ask four and goes. Piyush thinks she will break the marriage now.

Sarika and Designer come to Deepu’s house. Sarika tells that she thought to play nice song when Deepu goes to stage. Mishra ji tells Designer that Deepu shall look nice. Designer says she will look more beautiful. Designer Nikita asks Deepu to try the dress. Sarika says you don’t like this color. Deepu says she called Meghna and asks about his favorite color. Deepu asks if Piyush’s kurta is ready and says she is excited. Pragya makes list and asks Piyush to call Mishra ji. Piyush asks her to call. Mishra ji is talking on phone. Designer leaves. Sarika asks Deepu why she is more excited for the kurta. Deepu tells that she made something for Piyush first and tells that this is love.

Darshu teases Deepu. Mishra ji sees 2 missed calls and calls Pragya. She asks Madhuri to keep saree for her and goes to talk to Mishra ji. She asks him why she was busy and asks him to meet her in Ram Bagh Chowk. Rukmini hears him. Mishra ji thinks to tell Ragini later. Rukmini asks where is he going? He says he will settle some work and come. Pragya comes to Piyush and asks him to wake up. Piyush thinks now Mishra ji will break the marriage and asks her to talk wisely. Deepu asks Nikita to tell the amount of Piyush’s kurta. Nikita asks her to give later. Deepu insists. They go inside. Piyush’s scooter stops on the way. Pragya tells that she will add car in the lists. Piyush sees God’s idol and says I am helpless to do this. He tries to start his scooter. Deepu is also at the same place and talks to God and says if Piyush will like this kurta.

Mishra ji and Pragya Bua meet in the restaurant. He asks her to tell why she called him. Pragya Bua asks him to take breath fast and tells that there is a mall nearby and all things can be brought there. Mishra ji asks her to clearly say. Pragya asks him to buy all the things for his daughter. Mishra ji looks on. Piyush hears them from far. Mishra ji asks her to tell clearly and asks if you are asking dowry from me. Pragya says she is asking AC, fridge, scooter, car, jewellery etc and says we are taking burden from your head. Mishra ji asks if Pankaj is asking him. Pragya says what he will say and says he gave so much in Namrata’s marriage, and asks him to buy. Mishra ji gets shocked and tensed. Piyush thinks Pragya Bua told much and thinks matters don’t become worst.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishra ji walks on the road tensedly and a car hits him. He gets badly injured. People gather there. Deepu is also there and tries to see him.