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Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika telling that she will go by her car and asks Piyush to drop Deepu. Piyush says bye and twists Tushar’s ears. Madhuri thanks Deepu. Deepu says I have eaten your laddoos. Madhuri says no matter, I will send more through piyush. She asks him to drop her. Piyush and Deepu are on the scooter, when his scooter stops on the way. Deepu asks what happened to your scooter and asks if you are angry on me still. Piyush says he is not angry on her. Deepu says your anger is reflecting on your face and says sorry. Piyush says he is sorry. Piyush holds her hand and says you are really different, nobody does anything for someone to this extent. He apologizes for the misunderstandings. Dhhai Kilo prem plays….They smile looking at each other. Deepu says she wants to try starting scooter.

Piyush says you…best of luck. She starts it. Piyush is impressed. He drops her home. Deepu says good night. She thinks if Piyush wants to confess love to her. Piyush calls her. Deepu asks if he is hiding something from her.

Piyush says there is nothing as such. He tells that it is late and that Pankaj will not let her come inside. Deepu says her meter is going fast and she thought something else. Piyush asks her to tell. He asks her to think what he is thinking. A song plays….kitni baatein. Piyush asks her to tell. Deepu asks him to tell what is in his heart while closing his eyes. Piyush closes his eyes and tells her that he don’t have 10000 Rs. to give her and tells her that his heart is feeling light. Deepu says you want to say this. She says Bau ji might be waiting for you. Piyush tries to start his scooter. Deepu offers help. Piyush smiles. Dhhai Kilo prem plays….

At Deepu’s house, all the ladies work on the clothes designs. Sarika brings pizza, while Mishra ji makes tea for them. Madhuri talks via video call. Bua tries to hear her. Tushar diverts her attentions. Mishra ji brings sweets and asks them to eat. Deepu says no. He asks them to have it. Piyush thanks Sarika and says his mum’s dream is going to be fulfilled. Sarika says you didn’t know the rules and says you are Nirala man. Mishra ji asks Piyush to go and check the stall and teases Ragini. Ragini asks Deepu to go with Piyush. Piyush gives 10000 Rs. and asks for the stall. Man tells that stall costs for 50000 Rs. Deepu asks why? It was for 10000 Rs. Man says all stalls are booked. Ramakant comes and tells that he has booked all 10000 stalls and insults them. Piyush gets angry for him for insulting his mum. Deepu asks him to leave him. Ramakant asks them to stand to exhibit themselves and says your stall will not be there in exhibition. Deepu tells Manager that they will get 50000 Rs and asks him to keep one stall for them. He gives them time till 7 pm. Deepu and Piyush leaves.

Madhuri calls Piyush and asks if stall booking is done. Piyush says we will reach in sometime. Madhuri says she is going to temple and will pray that God shall give son like him to everyone. Piyush says what I shall tell Maa now and gets emotional. He tells that he can’t see her sad. Deepu says we can take money from her dad. Piyush refuses. They go to Amit’s house. Deepu says they shall take bank loan. Piyush says it will take much time. Amit says he will see what to do. Piyush tells that if they don’t get money then their hardwork and embroidery work will be wasted. Deepu is hopeful.

Someone from the jewellery store comes and gives bangles which Bua gave for polishing. Piyush takes it and looks at it. He thinks he got the money for the exhibition stall.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush drops bangles by mistakes. It falls near pankaj legs. Bua tells him that Piyush have started stealing in the house. Madhuri slaps him.

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