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Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmini asks receptionist about the room number where Rahul and Meghna went. Receptionist says that they don’t give customer’s info. Rukmini says he is my son and goes to room. Madhuri makes Pakodas and says Pankaj likes it. She worries about Meghna and says she will call Tushar. Deepu asks her to see pakodas and says she will call Tushar. Rahul and Meghna come inside the room. He says he will bring towel for him. Deepu calls Rahul and thinks why he is not picking the call. She thinks asking Rahul why did he upload the pic wherever he goes. He says it is a style and says he has 55000 likes. She shows the pics to Piyush. Piyush zooms the pic and sees the hotel name. Deepu is worried. She calls Mishra ji and tells him that they are in hotel Royal Blue. Mishra ji says he will go there. Piyush says he will go. He prays to God for Meghna’s safety. Rukmini knows on everyone’s door. Piyush is leaving from the house, just then Pankaj comes and asks where is he going?

Piyush says he was thinking. Pankaj asks him not to go as it is raining heavily and asks if Tushar brought Meghna. Madhuri says they would be coming. Piyush says he will go and bring her. Pankaj asks him to find out first where is she? Pragya says Bhaiyya is right. Meghna and Rahul towel their respective heads. Meghna sneezes. She asks him to give phone to her and says she wants to call home. She sees no network. Rahul wears her to wear the dress and gives kurta kept there, and says he will dry her clothes. Rukmini knocks on every door. Meghna comes wearing long oversized kurta. Rahul looks at her. He takes her clothes for drying. She feels cold even then. He signs her to move and covers her with blanket. He holds her hand and rub it to make her feel warm. Receptionist comes behind Rukmini and asks her to stop else she will call Police. Rukmini says I will tell police that you gives room to bachelor guys and gals.

Meghna hugs Rahul hearing the storm. Rukmini comes inside Rahul’s room as the door is open. Meghna is shocked. Rukmini slaps her repeatedly and beats her. Rahul asks her to leave Meghna. Rukmini says your father had insulted us, and you are enjoying with my son. She says I will play the nagada now. Meghna asks her to let her wear clothes. Rukmini says she will drag her and take her to her father’s house. Rahul says we are innocent. She brings Meghna and pushes her. Piyush holds her. Pankaj is shocked to see her wearing kurta and lungi. Rukmini tells Pankaj and others that Meghna was blackening her clothes in hotel room. She beats her. Madhuri asks how dare you to beat my daughter. Rukmini says you didn’t stop when I asked you not to beat my son. Pankaj sits in shock. Deepu asks Tai ji to stop it. Tai ji says she is wearing my son’s clothes and asks them to ask her where is her clothes.

Pragya thinks I push her lightly, she jumped heavily. Meghna asks Piyush to trust him and she was drenched in rain and that’s why they took room. Rukmini asks did you get only my son to change clothes and says don’t know with how many men you have changed clothes. Madhuri asks her to stop it. Deepu says you are having a misunderstanding and asks her to stop it. Rukmini says your sasur was mistaken then and says when the shop is not working, he let the daughter work. Pankaj is shocked. Rukmini asks did you get my son to trap. Rahul asks what you are saying. Rukmini says I know what does it mean to change clothes in hotel room. She says she don’t know about them, but if she had such daughter then she would have buried her alive. She comes near Pankaj and asks what did you tell me that day. Today I am warning you, if this chipkali comes near my son then I will get their proximity pics all around in the city and get them humiliated.

Rahul folds his hand and says they didn’t do anything. Rukmini asks him to go and tells Pankaj that he shall see guilty in his house before accusing others. Meghna cries. Rukmini takes Rahul with her. Pankaj is heartbroken and humiliated. Meghna says I didn’t do anything. Pankaj slaps her hard. Meghna falls down. Piyush stops Pankaj and asks him to beat him, but leave Meghna. Pankaj says you know that what she has done, and says from today she will not go out of house, and says he will get her married to any random guy without a month. Meghna is shocked.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul tells Rukmini that he loves Meghna and will marry her. Deepu tells Piyush that this is not right to get her married and says this decision can be wrong affect on her.

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