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Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush calling Deepu and telling that money is arranged and asks if she knows any jeweler. She says yes. Piyush comes to meet Deepu and shows her bangles. Deepu says Bua is good and helped us. Piyush says she will not give even comb and tells that she doesn’t know. He says he will mortgage the bangles and get the money. Deepu asks if Madhuri comes to know about this, if she will be happy and asks him to think. She tells we have two ways, one is wrong and one is right, it is upto us to decide which way to choose. Piyush says I don’t know what to do? Deepu says I have an idea. They come to the stall manager and fold hands. Piyush asks him to give the stall and tells that he is ready to pay interest also and asks him to give time till morning. Ramakant hears them and recalls Piyush and Deepu insulting him. Manager refuses to accept their plea. Ramakant asks Manager to agree and asks them not to think that he has become generous, and tells that he does charity. He asks them to deposit 50000 by tomorrow, else they have to give 1 Lakh rupees and have to leave the items also. Piyush agrees.

Ramakant asks Manager to take their signatures on the papers and give them stall. Piyush and Deepu sign on the papers and leave. Manager says I have risked my job, if anything happens then…Ramakant asks him not to worry and says he will make Mishra ji’s daughter sweep his stalls.

Piyush asks Deepu not to worry. Deepu asks him to return the bangles. Piyush gets Bua’s call and she asks about her bangles. Piyush tells that he kept bangles in the cupboard. Deepu says you would have told her that it is with you. Piyush says he wants to make her worry for sometime. He comes home and falls, bangles falls down from his hand. Pankaj comes to have water. Piyush hides. He comes to her room to keep the bangles. While keeping bangles in her cupboard, he drops it on floor as Pankaj switches on the light. Bua wakes up and tells that he was stealing my bangles, and stealing at our home. She says I don’t know whom to trust now. Bua scolds Madhuri and says your Piyush is stealing my bangles. Piyush refuses and nods no.

Madhuri slaps him and asks if he is not ashamed to steal in his own house, and apologizes to Pankaj for her bad upbringing. Piyush says nothing. Kunal comes there and says that whatever appears is not right and tells Piyush have stolen those bangles on my insistence. He tells that Namrata likes Bua’s bangles designs and that’s why he asked him to bring the bangles. Pankaj asks everyone to sleep. Kunal asks Piyush to come. He asks Piyush what is the story behind the bangles. Madhuri apologizes to Piyush for raising hand on him. She says you can’t do anything wrong. Kunal says I trust him, he will not do anything wrong and asks her to give him food. Madhuri says she will serve food and asks about Namrata. Kunal says she went with his relatives for shopping.

In the room, Piyush thinks about Deepu’s words and Madhuri’s words. He thinks I did right by listening to Deepu. He is about to call Deepu. Kunal asks him to say what is the matter? Piyush hugs him and says you have saved me today. He tells everything. He tells that he needs to deposit 50000 Rs. by tomorrow else he will have to give 1 Lakh rupees. Kunal says he will manage. Piyush refuses to take help and says he will manage on his own. Kunal says even I would have done the same.

Ramakant tells that Piyush held my collar infront of everyone and says now I will show them who is Ramakant Mishra.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Piyush takes money from sait ji. Ramakant tells that Piyush can’t show his skills tomorrow. Deepu takes recording of the goons on cam. Goon sees her.

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