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Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj telling that they shall stay with Piyush. Madhuri says someone shall be with him. Tushar says we shall bhabhi stay with him. Pragya says we can’t trust her, she is so careless. Deepu comes and says she didn’t leave Piyush alone, but Pragya has kicked her out. She says I am not irresponsible, but you are irresponsible. Pragya says you are lying and asks why I will do this. Deepu asks them to go back side and see the bricks kept there. She says she got wound while climbing the wall. She tells Pragya that she will not go anywhere until Piyush gets fine. Pankaj says I really don’t care what you do, he says piyush is my son and I will stay with my son along with Madhuri and Namrata. Madhuri says she is going to her son. Piyush comes out, hears them, takes Deepu’s name and falls down. Everyone panics. Tushar asks them to let some air come, he has a problem to breathe. Deepu is shocked and asks piyush to open his eyes. She gives him mouth to mouth respiration to revive him. Everyone looks on as she gives him CPR. Tushar and Kunal smiles.

Piyush opens his eyes and sees Deepu. Everyone smiles seeing him fine. He looks at Deepu. Doctor comes there and asks them not to surround him. They take Piyush inside the room. Tushar tells Doctor that he fell down. Doctor says he shall not have any tension and asks what is going on. Namrata says they were taking high. Doctor gives Piyush’s responsibility to Deepu and goes. Deepu looks on. In room, Piyush thinks about Deepu giving him CPR. Deepu comes to room. He opens his eyes. Deepu asks why you are sweating and wipes sweat from his forehead. Song plays….mere nazm me……He turns and her pallu is pulled and she falls on him. She tells him saree. Piyush asks why you are saying sorry, you have saved my life. Deepu says saree. He frees her saree pallu and thanks her.

Mishra ji talks to Doctor and he suggests Angioplasty. He says he has to take him to hospital anyhow. Meghna hears him. Ragini says Pankaj will not listen to us. Meghna asks him to talk to Pankaj and says he has to listen for Piyush. Mishra ji says he will talk to him.

Piyush wakes up and calls Deepu. Deepu comes out of bathroom and runs to him. Song plays again as her hairs falls on his face. She asks why did you get up. Piyush says he thought if she went. He says he wants to thank her for saving his life. Deepu says if there was some other person then I would have done same thing. Piyush says no, you will not do this even if that person is dying. Deepu understands and says ok, smiles. Piyush says he wants everything to be fine.

Mishra ji tells Pankaj that he showed the report to two doctors and came to know that two veins are blocked. He shows the report to Pankaj. Pankaj gets shocked. Mishra ji says they need to take him to hospital anyhow and got surgery done. Deepu says Joshi uncle is a good doctor. Tushar panics and says he will call Amit and Doctor. Pankaj says don’t know whom he has brought. Tushar brings Piyush out. Doctor comes and asks why did you let him out. He hears about Injection and asks who prescribed it. Pragya says other doctor checked the report and says veins are blocked. Piyush panics. Deepu asks them not to talk about it infront of him. She asks Doctor to give him injection. Tushar says he will take him inside and asks Deepu to stay out. Amit, Tushar and Doctor take him.

In room, Piyush scolds Doctor for agreeing to give him injection and says that doctor prescribed the injection seeing the fake report. If you administer this injection then my heart will stopped beating. Doctor says I didn’t think this. Piyush says you are an actor. He says you are not a doctor, and I didn’t have any heart attack. Tushar asks what we will do with Angioplasty. Piyush asks Amit why did he bring serious patient report. Amit says he got that report only. Fake doctor says I will handle everything. Piyush says you are not a doctor, but an actor. Doctor says I am helping in your love story, and asks if he wants bhabhi to stay in house or not. Piyush says she is my home and I want her back. Doctor says this is a love story, but your screw is loose. Piyush gets angry. Deepu calls him and asks if he is fine. They make him lie down on bed.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Fake Doctor tells Deepu that they are not letting an actor work. Deepu is surprised. Later Piyush have pizza brought by Tushar. Deepu comes there and looks surprised.

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