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Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj telling that he will get Meghna marry within a month. Pragya asks what you are saying? Pankaj says if her respect is ruined then she will be burdened on my head all life. Meghna says Rukmini was lying. Pankaj says he will get her married within a month and tells Madhuri that she is her responsibility, if she does something again then he will hold her neck. He asks her to get her clothes changed and burn them. Piyush and Deepu are tensed. Pragya smiles.

Rukmini brings Rahul home and slaps him, and asks if he got characterless girl only for romance. Mishra ji comes back home and asks Rukmini why she is talking badly about the girl. Rukmini asks him to stop it and says she is characterless. Rahul says she is a nice girl. He says I love her and will marry her. Rukmini tries to beat him. Mishra ji stops her. Rukmini tells him that she can’t bear girl from Deepu’s sasural. Mishra ji and Ragini say that they can think about the marriage proposal. Rukmini says she will insult Pankaj badly. Ragini says he is Deepu’s sasur. Mishra ji asks Rahul why did you go and take her to hotel. He says I trust you, but if you are silent then people will misunderstands him. Rukmini says that girl and his father are trapping my son. She says she will not leave pankaj and his daughter.

Piyush shows the money to Deepu and says he thought he will give money to Meghna so that she can buy something for herself. He is about to tear the notes, Deepu stops him and says she trusts Meghna and Rahul fully. Piyush says they are caught in the hotel room. Deepu says you have seen what had happened, but didn’t hear what Meghna was about to say. Piyush says both are young and might be….Deepu says I agree, but they are understanding too. Piyush asks what do you want, do you want us to issue certificate so that they can meet each other. Deepu says may be they love each other, and we have to support them. Piyush says no, and says they shall get her married within a month. Deepu says marriage is not the solution for this and asks him to talk to her. She says this thing can go deep in her heart. Meghna cries sitting in her room. She getsTushar’s phone and goes out to talk to Rahul. She calls him, but his number is switched off. She calls on landline number. Mishra ji picks the call. Meghna cries. Mishra ji says Meghna.

Meghna asks him to make her talk to Rahul. Mishra ji says matters are worse that nobody is ready to believe you and asks her to be away from him for few days and says once the matter is fine, you can talk to her. Meghna says ok. Mishra ji says he will tell Rahul in the morning that she called to ask about him. Rukmini hears him talking Meghna’s name, takes the phone and tells that she warned her and asks shall I inform your father. She gets angry on Mishra ji. Rahul comes and asks her to stop badmouthing about meghna and goes. Ragini tells Mishra ji that that’s why she asked him not to let her stay here.

Next morning, Deepu makes laddoos and tells Madhuri that she was everyone to cheer up. Pragya brings the aarti and asks Madhuri if Pankaj will tie rakhi. Madhuri says don’t know. Pankaj comes and sits. Pragya ties rakhi to his hand. He gives her money. Piyush and Tushar come home. Namrata ties rakhi to Piyush and Tushar. They look for Meghna. Pankaj says there is no need to call her, and says if she don’t want to tie rakhi then that means she don’t want to have relation with them. Piyush gets up and asks Tushar to come, and says he will go to Meghna. Pragya asks if he has gone stupid after marriage. Tushar says his mum taught his values and responsibility since childhood and today he will get rakhi tied from meghna’s hand. He comes to Meghna and calls her. She pretends to be asleep. She asks what? Piyush and Tushar says today is rakhi.

Deepu comes there. Meghna says nobody told anything in my defence. Piyush says Babu ji didn’t give me a chance. Meghna says we didn’t do anything and tells that they go to hotel room as they were drenched. She says it is her mistake that she went to meet Rahul without telling anyone. Piyush says ok and asks her to smile. He asks her not to give chance to anyone to point fingers. Meghna do their tilak, ties rakhi and make them have sweets. Piyush gives money, but she refuses to take it. Piyush asks what do you need then? Meghna says she wants Rahul. Piyush, Tushar and Deepu are shocked.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahul comes to Pankaj’s house. Pankaj asks what you are doing here and says I asked you to stay far from my family. He asks him to leave before he raises his hand on him. Rahul refuses to go until he forgives him. Everyone is shocked.