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Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu enters in room and says she is here only. Piyush shouts as if he is in pain. Fake Doctor says you are not letting an actor act. Deepu is surprised. Fake Doctor asks her to go. She goes. Piyush scolds him. Madhuri asks Pankaj to go to Piyush. Deepu says Piyush is already tensed hearing about the report. Pankaj says Bahu is right. Guru counts the money and tells his friend that he will take Sarika to shopping. His friend says that shop is closed. Guru says he will make it open. Ragini asks Meghna to have food. Meghna says she has kept fast for Piyush’s recovery. Rukmini curses Piyush to die so that Meghna dies also. Rukmini says your heart is black too like your tongue. Rukmini says I can say anything. Meghna says you can tell me anything, but not to my brother. Ragini asks why you are talking like this. Rukmini says your buffalo damad will die soon.

Guru comes to Designer’s house and asks her to show some clothes. Designer shows the dresses. Guru sees a bag and buys curtain cloth thinking it to be dress.

Fake Doctor tells that Piyush is fine. Amit says he wants to tell that he is fine. Madhuri asks about operation. Fake Doctor says it is not needed and says if God wishes, then he will be fine. Deepu asks what do you mean? Fake Doctor asks her to take care of him. Mishra ji asks him to talk to Dr. Joshi who is in Delhi. Fake Doctor refuses and goes. Deepu goes to check on Piyush and sees him standing. He says he wants to change the clothes. Deepu brings his kurta. Piyush says he will wear in bathroom. Deepu says she will come. Piyush says I can’t change my clothes infront of you. Deepu says I am your wife. Piyush says wife is that who stays with husband. She asks him to keep the door open. Piyush says it is better for me to handle myself, as how I will handle myself without you. Deepu cries. Piyush sees her crying and thinks he don’t want her to go and that’s why doing his drama. He really missed her.

Sarika throws Guru out. Guru asks her to get dress stitched with it. Sarika says it is not dress cloth, but curtain cloth. Guru says it is worth 40000. Sarika asks from where did he get money? Guru says he has to clean a shop. Sarika thinks to find out. Deepu makes Piyush have food and gives him medicine. Piyush hides the medicines and drinks water. He says he wants everything to be fine, and says he will have triple cheese pizza once he gets fine. Deepu refuses to let him have those things. Piyush says I am fine. Deepu says I will also not eat if you don’t eat. Piyush says then how can you live without eating them. Deepu says what I will do if you don’t eat. She goes. Tushar comes and asks Piyush to have triple cheese pizza.

Piyush closes the door. Tushar asks for 200 delivery charges. Piyush says I will give later and asks him come inside and check on door. He begins eating it, thinking I can’t live without you Deepu, but I also can’t live without pizza too. He takes a bite. Tushar tells him that Deepu is coming. Deepu comes there and sees Piyush lying on bed. Piyush says he is doing yoga. Tushar makes Deepu turn so that Piyush can hide pizza. Deepu asks him to change his life style to get healthy. She gets pizza smell and doubts Piyush. Piyush says he is not getting smell. Deepu says if you were eating. Piyush says no. Tushar is about to say. Piyush tells Deepu that Tushar was eating his favorite pizza and was eating it. Deepu scolds him and asks him to become responsible. Tushar says I will not do it again. Deepu comes to Piyush and gets paper from the rack. She says she got happy when she got the news about the report. Piyush thanks her. Piyush asks Tushar to throw pizza out and says you will get money. Tushar says he don’t want money, but Bhabhi back at home. Piyush gets emotional.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu gives tiffin to Pankaj. He don’t take it. Madhuri sees him eating outside food and questions him. Guru keeps eye on his shop. Deepu finds tablets under the bed.

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