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Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri coming home. Namrata tells that she made food today. Pankaj asks where did you go? Namrata says she went to temple. Bua says who told us. Namrata says she told them and puts hot gravy on her hand. Bua says you have burnt my hand and asks if she sat in the temple to light diya after agarbatti. Namrata says you shall get Police work and says you were wasting time in watching TV. Bua says why she is going to exhibition frequently. Piyush gives 50000 to Manager. Ramakant asks why he is showing ego. Radhika says you got the money now, don’t show your face to us. Ramakant thinks to break her ego. Piyush tells Deepu that he will drop her home. Deepu says this is wrong even if you insists and says she will take money from her papa. Piyush says you will not do such thing and will not tell anything to anyone. He says if you tell anybody then you will lose my friendship. Piyush says you are together, its ok. Ramakant hears Piyush telling that it was Seth ji’s money and says he will see.

Deepu is worried and seems lost. Ragini says Madhuri’s sale couldn’t happened. Deepu asks if there is your friend, who does wrong work even if you warn him then what you will do. Mishra ji says if someone is having advantage then..Deepu says yes. Mishra ji asks her to support her friend. Deepu looks on. Later Madhuri asks Piyush if he is worried. Piyush says you will go to vaishnov devi and says God will bless you. Ragini ties taweez to Deepu and asks if she will come. Deepu says yes. She ties taveez on Piyush’s hand. Deepu says Sarika will go to exhibition. She says she has kept fast for him, nothing will happen. Piyush says I will leave. He leaves. Deepu prays to God and asks her to protect Piyush and cries.

Seth ji announces that a mother’s son is showing the stunt. Deepu calls Piyush and asks where are you? Piyush says he is coming in 5 mins. Seth ji asks Deepu about Piyush. Deepu says he will come. Ramakant asks Manager to call Piyush and tell that municipal people came and threatened to close the shop. Piyush says I will come. He comes there and asks where are they? Manager says he is in storeroom. Piyush goes to storeroom. Ramakant locks him. He asks him to free himself and says he will see what happening with Deepika. Seth ji asks where is your friend. Deepu says I have tried calling, but…..Seth ji’s goons run after Deepu. They catch her and says she made us run. Deepu asks her to let her go. Seth ji comes and says your friend promised. Goons tell that they shall test her and says she is not that bad. They try to tease her. Piyush searches for his phone and cries for help. Ramakant comes and asks them to stop. He says you were talking big. Goon comes and tells Seth ji that people are getting crazy see the stunt. Ramakant asks him to use Hathni, if no haathi. Deepu says she will not jump. Piyush recalls Deepu tying him taveez and takes it out. He tries to open the lock with it. Sethji asks her to get ready and wear the stunt costume.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : They make Deepu wear the costume and is about to light the dress on fire.

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