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Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepika serving halwa to everyone ad says now Piyush don’t need operation. Pragya asks Deepu why she is happy and says as Piyush is fine, she shall leave. Pankaj tells her that he don’t want Piyush’s condition to worsen. Deepu asks Pankaj to take tiffin and says she kept Prasad also in it. Pankaj doesn’t take the tiffin and calls Kishore asking him to bring food. He goes. Kunal takes tiffin from Deepu and says he is fed up of eating outside food daily and goes. Tushar asks Deepu to make aloo paratha for him and takes salad for Piyush.

Rahul comes home. Meghna hugs him and says she is happy as Doctor said Piyush don’t need angio plasty. Rukmini scolds Meghna. Rahul asks if she attend call from production house. Meghna says yes, but she forgot to inform him. Rahul bursts out his anger on Meghna. Rukmini scolds Meghna. Meghna asks her not to interfere. Rahul says he lost advertisement chance and scolds Meghna taking Rukmini’s side. Mishra ji and Ragini hears them. Meghna cries.

Tushar comes to Piyush’s room and gives him salad. He asks him to do something else Pankaj will send her back. Piyush says I know Deepu is innocent and mistake was of Meghna only. Tushar asks him to take a stand for Deepu and says when you can stand for your family, then why not for her. He says he will feel proud of him. Piyush thinks he is saying right.

Ragini asks Meghna to have something. Meghna refuses. Ragini makes her understand not to leave food and asks her to balance her relation with Rahul. Mishra ji asks Rahul to leave ego and stubbornness and balance between mother and wife. Deepu keeps Piyush’s kurta and asks him to change. Madhuri comes to the shop and asks why is he eating outside food. He says you was not at home then what he would have done. She asks him to give flour for Sheera. Pankaj says that girl was also making Sheera. Guru and his friend plan to burn his shop. Madhuri is leaving. Guru sees her and senses some connection with her. They come to the shop. His friend buys kerosene. Guru looks for Madhuri, but she is gone. Guru tells him that it seems he saw someone and recalls his childhood fire incident.

Deepu brings lemon water. Piyush says he will drink later. Deepu asks him to have it with her hand. She puts hot water on his hand. Piyush asks what you are doing? Deepu says this is the way heart attack is treated. She closes the door and starts beating him with broom. Piyush is shocked and asks her to tell what wrong did he do? He asks her to stop it and says if I get one more heart attack then I will die. She pulls the mattresses and shows medicines kept beneath the mattress. She says your heart attack drama is exposed now. Piyush asks her to talk slowly. Deepu hits him with broom. Piyush says ok, you can beat me. Deepu beats him with broom and cries. Piyush says you can beat me, but please stop crying. Deepu hugs him crying. Piyush reciprocates the hug and holds her. Deepu looks at him. She says how did I feel? She asks why did you do this? Piyush says for you. He says for you. I wanted you to return. He says nobody listens to me, when you refused then he along with Tushar planned this fake heart attack. Deepu recalls his 60 days challenge.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu tells Piyush that she will be kicked out once the truth is revealed. Pankaj sees tablets in the dustbin and calls aloud Piyush. Piyush is shocked.

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