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Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Deepu teaching yoga to the students and sees Piyush. She asks what you are doing here? Piyush asks if she is an instructor here. Deepu says yes, and asks if you had eaten the diet which got you on registration. Piyush says he will buy the powder. Deepu says you have to do organ phisli diet and asks him to have bature with water…then two plates samosa. Piyush says it have fat in it. Deepu says this is the problem and tells that the girl doing yoga there was fat, but got lean after having organ phisli diet. He asks why don’t you take this diet. Deepu tells her logic and asks didn’t you read biology ever, else you would have become instructor. Piyush eats samosas and asks for chutney. Deepu says it is diet. She then asks him to go to tree and have a good sleep. Piyush asks how I will digest this if I sleep. Deepu tells that he will have good digestion if he sleeps.

Piyush goes and rests under the tree. Deepu feels bad. Piyush thinks don’t know what that moti was saying, but I become lean then I will become Sarika’s superman. He imagines flying with Sarika wearing superman costume and dances with her on the song main tera superman. He slips and falls down from the bench. Sarika laughs and asks if he is following organ phisli diet, and says she made you fool. She asks him to think if anyone can get lean having samosas. Piyush gets angry.

Deepu feels guilty and thinks to apologize to him. Her friend says we are not doing this for first time. She turns and sees Piyush coming to her. She says Ram Ji. Piyush says my name is Piyush and says you have done wrong with me and asks her to return his handkerchief. Deepu says it is not with me. He asks her to go and bring it. He asks her friends who is she? Man says she is our friend and tells that she is a nice girl. Piyush is upset. Sarika asks everyone to come for yoga and even asks Piyush. Piyush gets happy.

Deepu comes home and acts to have done much exercise by the gym people. Ragini asks her to eat and shows the salad plate. Deepu asks we would have gone to farm and asks her to give food. Ragini asks her to eat salad quietly and says alliance will come to her when she becomes lean. Just then door bell rings, Ragini gets the groom’s pic sent by Janki. She gets happy to see the guy who is handsome. Her brother says he is a foreigner and we can talk to him via video call. Deepu gets sad. Mishra ji asks what happened? Deepu says she made wrong time table of someone. Mishra ji asks her to say sorry. Deepu asks him to have salad and not to tell Ragini.

Piyush tells Madhuri that his body is paining due to yoga. Bau ji comes and says he should be in the shop and asks what he is doing here. Madhuri says he went to gym today and feeling body ache. Bau ji taunts him on his weight. Madhuri says he will be fine with massage. Bau ji says he just do one work and asks him to go and close the shop. Piyush says he asked Tushar to close the shop. Bau ji gets angry and asks him to go and close the shop.

Tushar is with the goons in his shop and asks them to take the stuff of Rs. 700. They loot many things from the shop and even takes keys impression on something. Tushar asks him not to steal more, else his Bau ji will scold him. Piyush comes to shop and sees goons leaving. He asks Tushar why the things are on floor. Tushar says I was checking its expiry dates. They close the shop. Deepu is driving the car. Sarika and other friend joke about the Ram Leela. Deepu sees goons opening the shop and gets down the car. She asks goon what he is doing here. He asks what you are doing here? She identifies him as goon and asks what you are doing here. Goon says this is my shop. Deepu asks him to give his shop number so that she can call and order the stuff. Goon gives him fake number and asks her to go.

Deepu asks him to give biscuits. Other goons ask what is happening. Deepu sees goons inside and shouts thief thief……..People gather there and beats the goons. Someone calls the Bau ji and tells about the theft. Bau ji wakes up Piyush and asks them to come to shop. Deepu asks man to call Police. Goon keeps knife on her neck and asks her to come with him. Deepu refuses. Somehow she manages to beat the goons seeing potatoes cart. The goon keeps knife on her neck again and go inside the shop with Deepu. Sarika gets shocked.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu is falling down the cliff. Piyush holds her hand to rescue her. Later police comes there. Piyush asks them to rescue the girl. Deepu comes up and see Piyush going on his bike and smiles.

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