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Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna asking Piyush to give Rahul. Piyush asks if she really loves him. Meghna says he is good and nods her head. Piyush says he will try. Meghna thanks him with a hug. He asks her to concentrate on studies now. They give her money envelopes. Meghna thanks him. Tushar, Meghna and Piyush have a hug. Deepu smiles. Pragya thinks she will see until when Deepu is saved. Piyush comes to room and asks Deepu what she is doing? Deepu is eating his laddoos. She says she is having his laddoos and gives herself credit. She gives him laddoo. Piyush gets nostalgic and tells her that he has a special relation with Meghna as she was born infront of him and he held her for the first time. Deepu smiles. She gives him laddoo. He gets teary eyed. Deepu says I didn’t see you crying before.

Piyush says he cried during their marriage. Deepu says you are saying as if you are Mr. Agra and thousands of girls after you. Piyush says he is popular and fat guys are ok. Deepu says even fat girls can walk.

Kunal asks namrata to keep tap on her expenses. Namrata says she brought gifts for her friend. Kunal asks her to limits her expenses else they will have to beg to make their home. Namrata asks him to be silent like always. Kunal is worried.

Deepu comes home to tie Rakhi to Darshan and Rahul. Rahul asks if she really wants him to tie Rakhi. She says yes, you are my little brother. She ties him Rakhi. Rahul apologizes to her. Deepu also apologizes for not understanding him and promise to unite him with Meghna. She asks him to do something.

Later Deepu comes back to Pankaj’s house and waits for Rahul. Rahul comes and rings the bell. Pankaj opens the door and finds Rahul standing. He is shocked and asks him to leave. Rahul asks him to listen to him and apologizes. Madhuri says we respect and love our daughters and daughter in law unlike his mum. Pankaj asks him to leave. Piyush asks him to go. Pankaj closes the door and tells Deepu to stand with them and not with her brother. Piyush says there are stupid people in your family. He tells Deepu that Babu ji will not forgive him even if he stands all night. Deepu sees Rahul standing out and thinks they love each other a lot, why don’t everyone see their love. Meghna looks at Rahul from the window and cries. Deepu comes out of house. Rahul says he will not go until Pankaj forgives him and says he will express his love standing here.

Deepu tells him that she will always support him and asks him to take shawl. Rahul refuses. Deepu closes the door and calls Mishra ji. Mishra ji is leaving from the house and tells Rukmini that Rahul is standing out of Pankaj’s house. Rukmini says she will go and asks him to stay at home. Piyush tells Deepu that Pankaj will get more angry. Deepu says I asked him to apologize to Pankaj. Piyush is shocked and asks what does she wants. He says Rahul is complicating the things. Deepu says he loves Meghna a lot. Piyush tells that love makes the person stupid. Deepu tells that you have loved with age and appearance and says Rahul’s love is much up. Piyush asks her to stop it and calls her Mrs. Deepu Sharma. Deepu gets happy and tells him what he said. She smiles.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini comes to Pankaj’s house and insults Meghna. Rahul threatens to cut his nerves if she don’t go from there. Everyone is shocked.

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