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Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush telling Deepu that he made plan with Tushar when she refused to come home. Piyush planned to feigned heart attack. He says then he asked Amit and he hired theatre artiste and hospital stuff. Deepu says you know what everyone felt because of you. Piyush says even he had a problem. He tells that Bua was after her, that’s why he again fell down. He says he got tired. Deepu tells that when Bua kicked her out, she climbed on the wall to get inside and got wound also. Piyush says you didn’t tell me. She says she went to doctor. He says if anything had happen to you, then what would have happen with me. Deepu says I am there to save you. She recalls giving him CPR. Piyush says you tried to give me breath. Deepu says nothing will change. Piyush says everyone likes you although they are angry. Deepu says what about you? Piyush says even I used to miss you. Deepu says really? Piyush says human realizes the real importance of someone when he/she is not near him/her.

Deepu says you…..Piyush says like a friend. He says we can be good friends, and you can stay here. Deepu says but family. Piyush says last time I haven’t supported you, but this time I will stop you being your husband and will not give permission to leave. He says this house is yours too and you will not go anywhere. Deepu cries. Piyush gets emotional and hugs her.

Pankaj tells Madhuri that he is worried about Piyush. Madhuri says he will be fine and gives him medicine. Pankaj throws the medicine cover in dustbin and says if piyush has gone mad to throw all medicines and injections. Piyush comes. Pankaj asks him. Deepu says she threw those medicines as the medicines is expired. Pankaj goes.

Rahul switches off lights and asks Meghna to sleep. Meghna says tomorrow is her exam. Rahul argues with her, taking his mum’s side. Meghna also argues with him defending her father. Rahul gets upset and regrets to marry her. He goes. Rukmini hears them and gets happy.

Deepu tells Piyush if anyone comes to know then they will kick her out. She says she will leave by herself. Piyush says you will not go anywhere, and tells her that he will talk to Pankaj and convince her. He says he is changed now, and asks her to see what he will do tomorrow. Deepu says 2 months is completed for our marriage. She says you have taken 60 days challenge. She asks him to rethink. Piyush says you have won and I have lost. He says they have done wrong by throwing Meghna out of house and thanks her for supporting her. Deepu thanks him. She asks him to be careful and says if you thank me again then you will fall in love. Piyush says no, we will be just friends. Deepu says lets see.

Deepu tells Madhuri that Pankaj will not have food made by her, but what she will tell to Piyush. Amit comes there and asks Piyush to come. Deepu says she asked Amit to take him out. He asks Madhuri why she is making food and asks Deepu to make, else leave. Madhuri goes out of kitchen.

Guru thinks about Madhuri. He opens the cupboard and searches for his box. His friend asks which box. He finds it in the lower side of cupboard and asks his friend never to touch his things. His friend leaves. Guru opens the box and sees Madhuri’s pic. He remembers the burning house, kisses her photo and looks on.


Dhhai Kilo Prem Ka 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini asks Meghna to pick her stuff and leave. Pankaj tells everyone that he didn’t know that Deepu was sweet in talks, but will mix poison in our lives. Piyush asks him to stop it, says Deepu is his wife and will stay there itself. Deepu gets emotional.

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