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Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush thinking everyone is stubborn, and Deepu is maha ziddi. Meghna comes and asks Piyush to do something. She says she will go and tell him to go. Deepu comes and asks her to go if she wants, and tells her that Rahul is trying to make everyone know that he loves her very much truly and if she goes out and meet him now then she will be ruining everything. Piyush says if you meet him then you are wiping the chances to unite. Meghna says what she shall do now. Deepu says Rahul is doing this for both of you. Meghna goes to her room.

Rukmini and Mishra ji come there. Rukmini asks him if he is taking Samadhi here and asks him to come. Rahul asks her to go. Rukmini rings door bell and tells bad words for Meghna. Mishra ji apologizes to pankaj and Madhuri. Madhuri says we respects guests and asks Mishra ji to take her from there. Hearing Rukmini bad words for Meghna. Rahul tells her that he called Meghna to hotel that day as her clothes was drenched fully. He says she is sacred like Sita Mata. Rukmini scolds him for comparing her with Sita Mata. Rahul picks a glass bottle, asks Rukmini to go else he will cut his hand. Rukmini says I will go, but threatens pankaj before going. Mishra ji apologizes to Pankaj. Meghna cries.

Pankaj closes the door. Madhuri apologizes to Meghna. Pankaj says but why did she go there. Pragya says may be that guy provoked her. Piyush says we all need to understand the things. Everyone sleeps. Piyush wakes up and don’t see Deepu on bed. He sees her sleeping while sitting on chair and asks why you are sleeping here. Deepu says it is raining, Rahul might need anything. Piyush says he should have go back and says he will sleep. Deepu looks at Rahul from the window. Rahul is standing out and see the lamp catching fire. He is shocked and tries to set it off.

Pankaj wakes up and sees Rahul still outside. The fire increases. Rahul throws sand on it to set if off. Pankaj comes out of house angrily. Rahul sees the wire on fire about to fall on Pankaj, runs towards him, takes shawl kept by Deepika and covers Pankaj. They fall inside. Pankaj asks what he is doing. Deepika is shocked to see the fire.

Pragya blames Rahul for trying to kill her brother. Deepu says he has saved Pankaj. They all see Rahul’s burnt shirt on his back. Pankaj asks Piyush to switch off main switch. Meghna cries. Deepu asks her not to cry and says one day they will realize your love and his goodness. Pankaj comes out of house and sees Rahul, goes inside again. Deepu gives tea to Pankaj. She asks if Rahul didn’t go till now. Pankaj says yes. Deepu says he is mad, might be hungry and thirsty since 12 hours. Pankaj asks Piyush to bring him inside. Piyush says who Rahul? He brings him inside. Rahul comes inside. Pankaj says you didn’t go till now. Rahul says you didn’t forgive me till now. Pankaj says I have forgiven you. Deepu smiles and tells Piyush that his love is truth.

Piyush says Babu ji is forgiving him as he saved his life. Pankaj says I am not forgiving you as you have saved my life, but because you have apologized and accepted your mistake. He says but that doesn’t mean that I have accepted your and Meghna’s alliance. He says you have no degree, work etc. he says even your dream to become actor is useless. Deepu says he is right, but he is not road side romeo. Piyush says just like we are not compatible. Rahul says the way he is chosen is difficult and says he is ready to do anything for her. Pankaj says I want a good guy for her and gives him 1 year’s time. Rahul agrees and says you shall not marry her within that period.. Pankaj agrees and asks him not to meet Meghna or see her. Rahul agrees and says he wants to see the strength in his love. Meghna smiles.

Deepu says if your love is true then everything will be fine, one don’t get love easily have to pass the test. Piyush asks Rahul to go and meet after 1 year. Rahul looks at meghna and goes. Meghna hugs Deepu. Pragya thinks she made Meghna against Deepu, but now…She thinks to ruin Deepu’s smile into tears.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush and Deepu play rapid fire round. Deepu is shocked to know that Piyush still loves Sarika.

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