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Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu and her family are in the car. Deepu says I know you all are sad as I will be leaving in few days. She asks them not to worry and says Darshan will marry soon. Rukmini says marriage will happen with difficulty. Ragini changes her words. Darshan calls Mishra ji and says watchman is not letting him go inside the function hall. Mishra ji and others come there. Guard tells that there is some other party going on inside with Kalicharan’s name. they are shocked and come inside. Deepu’s cousin Rahul showers flowers on her and says this is called dhinchak welcome. Deepu and Rahul hug each other. Deepu tells Taya ji that he can’t be my brother. Rahul meets everyone and says I entered like a hero. Deepu pulls his ears and tells that they got tensed. Rahul says he gave 20 Rs to watchman. He asks her to go and says Sarika is waiting and tells that there is a make up artist too. He says he will be the blossoming Bhojpuri star. Deepu says you are my brother.

Sarika asks Deepu to get ready. Deepu sees the stuff and also the kurta. She says she got it stitched for Piyush, but didn’t give him as he is wearing clothes of Madhuri’s choice. Sarika asks her not to have blind faith. Deepu says she trusts everyone. Piyush feels guilty for asking dowry and talks to Amit. Amit suggests him to tell truth to Deepu. Rahul shows the ring to Rukmini. Rukmini gets upset and says you didn’t bring it for me. He asks her to remarry and says he will buy it. Rukmini asks him to give ring to Deepu and thinks to break the marriage anyhow. Pankaj’s family comes. Ragini tells that they want to take off evil eye from Piyush. Rukmini says she will do, but Ragini asks Sarika to take off evil eye from him. As Sarika do the rituals, Rukmini feels insulted while Piyush looks at her. Sarika thinks don’t break my friend’s heart.

Rukmini thinks to give strong reply to Ragini. Piyush tells Amit that he will talk to Deepu before the engagement. Rahul comes and introduces himself, and tells Piyush that Deepu is alone in the room. Ragini introduces Rahul to Madhuri and says he is trying to work in Bhojpuri film. Pragya says his mum is black and he is white, asks if he is adopted one. Rahul says my sister will make you understand.

Piyush comes to the room and stands outside the room. He thinks Deepu is inside and apologize to her for initiating dowry demand. He says I don’t want to marry you, and asks if she understands what is he saying. He says I don’t love you and don’t want to marry you. He asks her to tell something and forgive him. He asks if she is listening. Rahul comes and laughs, asks if he is cheating Deepu. Piyush asks where is Deepu? Rahul says she went to other room to take blessings of God and checks in the room to see who is inside, but there is nobody inside. Piyush is tensed. Mishra ji thinks to talk to Pankaj about the dowry. Pankaj asks him if he bought everything. Mishra says no. Pankaj asks him to talk to Pragya. Mishra ji thinks he needs about dowry. Amit suggests Piyush to have drink and tell the truth. He asks him to bring the bottle. Sarika brings Deepu downstairs. Piyushs looks at her. Dhhai kilo prem music plays….Deepu takes Pankaj’s blessings.. Pankaj tells Deepu that she is looking as the most beautiful bride. Deepu thanks him. Mishra ji thinks how can he have two talks/double standard and thinks to get them arrested.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini sees amit taking the bottles and changes the drink. Amit gives drink to Deepu. Rukmini thinks now drama will happen.