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Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Piyush acting and preparing to talk to Pankaj about Deepu. Amit asks him to be the man and have confidence. Amit acts like Pankaj. Piyush says I will drop Deepika home. Amit says you told wrong and asks him to do rightly and not to get scared hearing Pankaj’s roars. Piyush says atleast I could do this for Deepika. Amit says your love is strong. Piyush says she is my good friend.

Fake Doctor indisguise of a joker is selling the supermarket pamphlets. Namrata comes out of Pankaj’s shop and recalls seeing him. Someone comes and scolds him for couldn’t do the acting well. She threatens him. He tells her truth. Rukmini thinks to kick Meghna out.

Piyush comes to talk to Pankaj and sees everyone sitting. He hesitantly tells him that as Deepika has taken care of him and handling home, he don’t want her to go and want her to stay with him. Tushar and Kunal smiles. Pankaj asks did you get heart attack? He slaps him. Deepu stops him and takes blame on herself. She tells him that she asked Piyush to feigned heart attack so that she can return home. Piyush asks why she is taking blame on herself and tells that it was his idea. Deepu says she won’t let him take all blame on himself. Pankaj asks Deepu what she wants, first you ruined my daughter’s life and now want to ruin my son’s life. He says Piyush didn’t want to marry you, buy I forced him. If I had known how to break marriage then I will break it.

Pragya instigates him against her. Pankaj says I didn’t know that she will poison all of us with her sweetness. Piyush shouts asking Pankaj to stop it. He tells him that whatever happened is done by him only, and Deepu is just taking blame on herself. He tells Pankaj that he always listened to him, but today he will tell and you will listen. He says he acted so that he can bring her back home. He says she shouldn’t have gone as it was not her mistake. He says mistake was of Meghna, who threatened Deepu and took her with her. He says when they reached there, Meghna betrayed her and eloped, but Deepu managed to bring her back to us, and what did we do. We had kicked our Meghna out of house. He says nobody loves Meghna as we kicked her out, we cursed her and declared her dead. He says Deepu supported her, gave her help and does all responsibilities of a mother, father, sister, brother etc. He says Deepika has respected all relations and we have broken relations with her.

Pragya reminds him that he wants to get rid of this buffalo. Piyush says it is a past thing, now she is his wife and will stay with him in this house. He tells about the promise made to her. Piyush holds her hands. Pragya asks him to leave with Deepu. Piyush says this house is ours today and we will not leave. Pankaj is shocked with Piyush’s rebel.

Meghna comes to room and sees her stuff in suitcase. Rukmini asks her to go silently or stay in the corner of the house. Meghna says this house is of my bhabhi and her parents. Rukmini says nobody is at home and I can do anything with you. Meghna gets scared and hits her with a plastic bottle. Mishra ji and Ragini come there. Rukmini starts drama. Mishra ji gets worried thinking about Rukmini’s plan.

Piyush gives water to Deepu. She asks why did you go against your parents and says I can’t let you do this. Piyush says I have to do this. He asks her not to take tension and think about patching up with Madhuri. He says he used to think that one day he will make Pankaj realize his mistake, but today he has no complains with himself and will not bear his decisions. He says I will always give you a chance to talk. He says today I have stood for myself too, and this all happened because of you. Rang De plays….


Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru calls Sarika while sprinkling kerosene oil on Pankaj’s shop. Sarika realizes hearing him and informs Deepu. Sarika comes there and sees Guru about to light the shop on fire.

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