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Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Deepu singing hogi pyaar ki jeet. Piyush says there is no love win and says Babu ji said that he has forgiven him, but didn’t forgive him. Deepu says he fed food to Rahul and asks what he would have done else. She says you knows that love is won and asks him to tell his feelings. Piyush says nothing. Deepu asks him to play the game ‘rapid fire round’ and asks him to give instant reply. Piyush asks him to ask. Deepu questions him. He answers her. Deepu asks him about love….he says Sarika. Deepu is teary eyed and emotional. Piyush also realizes that he has hurt her and goes out of room. Madhuri asks Piyush where is Deepu and says she didn’t have breakfast till now. She goes to room and sees Deepu crying. Deepu wipes her tears and says she will be coming. Madhuri asks why she is upset. Deepu tells her that there is nothing. Madhuri asks her to tell. Deepu says she is scared and don’t know if she will win Piyush or not. Madhuri says your love is true and one day he will be convinced. She says you have convinced Pankaj for Meghna and Rahul and says Piyush will agree too. She gives her hope.

Rahul tells Rukmini that he talked to a friend and will get a job. Rukmini says your father is earning there is no need for you to do job. Ragini says let him stand on his feet. Rahul says he wants to prove infront of Pankaj that he is suitable for Meghna, and says Meghna will also prove that she is suitable for your house.

Piyush tells Amit that Deepu have made Gabbar changed into Thakur and says according to him, Deepu can’t do anything. Amit asks what about Aunty? Piyush says she was always in her emotional trap and says she thinks about everyone and whatever she does is from her heart. He says he is feeling bad to hurt her feelings. Amit says I told you that you will not get Sarika. Piyush says he is talking about Deepu. Amit says you have started feeling for Deepu. Piyush says he is feeling bad and counts Deepu’s goodness and doings. He says she does so much for me and much more. I am feeling bad for hurting her. Amit also says the same. Piyush says she always fight with me. Amit says congratulation and says you are in love with Deepu. Piyush says why I will love that moti..Amit says you are feeling bad. Piyush says he is feeling bad for humanity sake and asks him to tell how to cheer her up.

Amit asks him to buy gift for her and cheer her up. Piyush says expense. Amit says you have spend some money to cheer her up. Rahul comes to the goons and asks about Guru. He gives money to them. They ask if it was girl’s matter and says work will be done. Rahul sees Deepu and is about to hide. Deepu sees him and asks if he is tensed because of Meghna. Rahul keeps hand on her head and says there is nothing like that. Deepu says she is very happy for both of them and says bye. Rahul thinks I have done whatever you said till now, but may be I am doing wrong. Shop keeper pushes Piyush out and asks him not to come again. Amit says shopping can’t be done like this. Piyush says we don’t need saree size of her. Amit says we will see jewellery now and not saree. Sarika calls Deepu. Deepu picks the call and asks how is she? Sarika says she is fine and invites her to come to disco with Piyush.

Deepu sees Sarika’s pic in the cupboard and says she can’t come. Sarika says if she will not come in her birthday. Deepu says sorry for forgetting her birthday. Sarika says Madhuri will not refuse if Piyush comes with you. Deepu says ok, she will come. She thinks she will not inform Piyush. Piyush checks the earrings and asks him to show smaller earrings. Shop keeper kicks him out and asks him to go to some other place for window shopping. Amit tells Piyush that he is being humiliated because of him. Piyush sees something and thinks it is a good for her. Meghna asks Deepu about Rahul’s planning. Deepu says he will work and asks her to concentrate on studies. She tells indirectly that Piyush hurt her.

Piyush comes home and brings gift. Namrata asks it is for whom. Meghna hears and tells that he might have brought gift for you. Tushar asks if he brought gift for him. Piyush says he brought gift for Maa. Amit says no, he brought it for someone else. Piyush says Amit brought it for Deepu. Amit says he is lying. Deepu comes there. They ask Piyush to give gift to Deepu. Deepu accepts it and opens the box. Namrata says he might have box sandals. Deepu opens the box and sees boxes inside box. She funds tooth brush inside and gets upset. Everyone is surprised. Deepu says first gift is toothbrush. Amit says they have searched the city for the perfect gift and was even kicked out of many shops. Piyush says electronic toothbrush and says he gifted her toothbrush so that she don’t use my toothbrush. Everyone laughs.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepu says you would have given me tooth brush just like that. Piyush tells that Amit told him to cheer her up and that’s why he brought gift for her. Deepu tells him that Sarika invited them for birthday.

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