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Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Pankaj not to think much. Pragya tells Pankaj that after marriage guys changes. Kunal tells her that he would have done same thing and supported Namrata. He says we shall be happy that Piyush is supporting Deepika being her husband. Guru comes to Pankaj’s shop to burn it. Sarika gets his call by mistake and she asks if he is mad to call her at this time, but soon she realizes that the call is connected just like that. She hears Guru asking his men to pour kerosene oil on the shop fully. His friend tells that they have to burn only one shop and not entire Taj market. Sarika hears and thinks Pankaj’s shop is also there. She runs to stop him. Guru asks his friend/goon to give matchstick. He says it is lost and then searches and finds it. Guru lights the matchstick. Sarika comes there and calls him stopping him. She slaps him and tells that this shop is of Deepu’s sasur. She asks what kind of man he is? She says she thought that he is a nice guy, but he is just goon who can do anything for money. His friend says we shall burn the shop and leave. Sarika stands infront of shop and says if this shop burns then I will get burned too. Guru and his friends leave. Sarika cries.

Deepu gets Meghna’s call and asks her not to worry. Madhuri hears her and follows her. Rukmini and Meghna are in the police station. Rukmini asks Inspector to arrest Meghna. Deepu reaches there and tells Tai ji that Meghna can’t do anything. She asks Meghna if she hit Tai ji. Meghna says she badmouthed about family. Deepu asks her to apologize to Tai ji. Meghna touches her feet and apologizes. Rukmini asks Inspector to arrest her. Deepu says it is a house matter and asks Tai ji to come home, else she will call Taya ji, and says you knows that he is a good lawyer. Rukmini goes angrily. Madhuri hears them. Deepu tells Inspector that she will complete the formalities. Inspector asks them to go. Meghna tells Deepu whatever Rukmini did and says she couldn’t stop herself. Deepu says didn’t you think about your family, they will have doubt on their upbringing if know this. She asks Meghna to handle Rukmini like Madhuri handles Pragya’s bitter talks with patience. She asks her to reply to Rukmini politely and try to win her heart. Meghn says but.

Deepu says Pankaj and Madhuri are angry with her, but still she is trying to win her heart. She asks Meghna to talk to Rukmini nicely. Madhuri hears her and cries. Meghna leaves. Madhuri comes infront of Deepu and apologizes to Deepu for her misbehavior. Deepu says I understand everything and says she didn’t feel bad. Madhuri says how to thank you for your support for Meghna. She asks her to come home being her bahu. Deepu cries happily and hugs her. Deepu asks her not to tell Pankaj and worries for his health. Madhuri says one day he will also realize your goodness. She asks her to come home.

Piyush searches for Deepu in the house and see Madhuri and Deepu coming. He asks from where they are coming? Madhuri says for walk, I went to make her understand. Piyush asks Deepu what happened? Deepu hugs him and says she is very happy today. Piyush tells him that she finds excuses to hug him. Deepu tells him everything and says now she is sure that Madhuri will accept Meghna. Piyush says she will accept you too now and hugs her. Deepu thinks he hugs her for the first time. Rang De song plays……Piyush gets shy. Deepu says you don’t need excuses to hug me, I am your wife. Piyush says just name sake. Deepu says we are friends too. She says we shall celebrate as Madhuri is not upset with her. Piyush tells her that he will take her out tomorrow. Deepu says on date. Piyush says no as a friend. Deepu thinks it is a date only.

Next morning, Deepu brings tea for him and asks him to wake up and go to office. Piyush says he is unwell and then says he will have struggled life again, but he can have tasty food. He asks her to make Aloo chole, suji ka halwa, if possible makes pakodas and in breakfast Aloo paratha with butter. Deepu says she won’t let him have oily food. She says if you have like this then you might get heart attack or I can get. Piyush says how can I live without tasty food. Deepu says she will make tasty non oily food. Piyush agrees. Piyush’s other phone rings. Deepu says whose phone is this. He says Pandey’s phone might be ringing and shouts asking him to take it. He asks Deepu to make breakfast for him. Deepu goes. Piyush closes the door and gets another phone from cupboard. He thinks this is his secret which shall not be known by anyone.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragya asks Madhuri about Meghna. Madhuri says she might be fine. Pragya asks didn’t you meet her last night. Piyush comes to restaurant with Deepu. He gives his marriage ring to the blackmailer woman and asks her to take it and sell it off, don’t tell his wife about him. Deepu looks on.

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