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Dil Bole Oberoi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Gauri follows Shwetlana and jumps inside the floor passage. She sees Shwetlana lying inside a box. Shwetlana does not see her. Some time before, Shivaye asks Om are you sure you have to go Panchgani, how will this little info help you. Om says lock can be big, but it opens by a small key, I think this file is that key which can solve Shwetlana’s mystery. Shivaye says take any detective’s help. Om says no, I don’t want to take any chance, so I will go Panchgani myself. Gauri comes and signs Shivaye. Shivaye says yes and signs to be away. Gauri says Buamaa has sent warm water for you. Om says so I will be leaving tomorrow morning. Om sees Rudra signing Shivaye. He says don’t worry Chulbul is ours, I trust him completely.

Rudra asks Shivaye to see, Chulbul ours, see now he will get current in some time. Om says you started today. Rudra says I m just asking Shivaye to keep eyes and ears open. Om says so I m leaving tomorrow morning, and don’t know how many days will it take. Gauri slips. Om holds her. Dekha hai pehli baar……plays………. Om and Gauri see each other. Shivaye asks is this called eyelock. Rudra jokes. Om says you keep falling, give it to me. He gets current and says again… Shivaye and Rudra ask again, what happened. Om says current. Rudra and Shivaye say current. Om says it was static. Shivaye says I feel I m in physics class. Rudra says no physics, chemistry.

He signs towards Om and Gauri, and says I m scared chemistry class can change to bio class, you understand bio. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Om says Shivaye do one thing, touch him. Gauri and Shivaye ask what. Om says if you touch him, you will know its that, he has static current. Shivaye says no, I can’t do this, I m not such, Rudra and I can’t do this. Om makes Shivaye hold Gauri’s hand and says see you got current, no? He sees Rudra. Rudra says I m not touching any guy. Om asks what’s your problem, you are most touchy, you always hug us. Rudra says you both are my brothers, that’s Chulbul, stranger. Om makes him hold Gauri and says see he got it. Rudra says no, I got saved, I did not go on Om. Om asks did you two not feel anything. Shivaye says no. Gauri says I don’t understand your talk, shall I go. Om asks her to go. Gauri goes.

Shivaye says gone, Om before going, get checkup done that everything is fine, if its not fine, we both are your brothers and will always love you. Rudra says yes, Hum saath hai to baat hai. Om pats Rudra’s face, and says will you shut up Rudra, its nothing like that Shivaye, on a serious note, I will go Panchgani tomorrow, its very imp.

Its night, Gauri comes to Om. Buamaa comes and shows the milk glass to Om. Om says its my fav, keep it, I will have it later. She asks him to have it first. He drinks. She asks him to sleep. Gauri smiles seeing them. Buamaa asks Gauri won’t you go and sleep. Om says Chulbul sleeps in my room. Buamaa says fine, have this. Gauri asks what’s this. Buamaa says its tip for work. Gauri says its my duty to do work, I want blessings to do elder’s work, you gave me blessings. Buamaa says he is so cool like a girl. Think its shagun and keep it, shagun is given to bahus, but bahus are such… what to say, you keep this. Om says Chulbul, keep it, Buamaa is giving by love. Gauri takes shagun and thanks. Buamaa goes.

Om asks Gauri won’t you serve Amla today, taste is not good, but sleep comes good. Gauri gives him the bowl. Om eats it and gives the bowl back. Om sleeps. Gauri says Om fainted, Shwetlana will come to faint me, but I will not faint, I have to find out her secret. Shwetlana comes and sees Om. She says you did work so soon, very good, now its my turn. She holds the cloth against Gauri’s face to faint her. Gauri acts to faint.

Shwetlana turns the lamp down and twists the statue. Gauri looks on. The floor opens up. Shwetlana jumps in. Gauri gets shocked. The floor resurfaces to normal. Gauri says she went inside the floor, where did she go, how did she disappear. She says I m going to find her secret, Lord protect me. She unlocks the secret door and jumps inside. She thinks its strange place, why does Shwetlana come here.

She gets scared by flickering lights. She sees a huge box and thinks what’s inside. She opens the box and sees Shwetlana lying inside the cold freeze box. She gets shocked. She recalls Shwetlana’s words. She says she did not die, she is alive, I was scared without any reason, I don’t know these rich people’s ways, she troubled Om for such a small thing, she could take this box to her room. She calls her out and says maybe she is sleeping, I will talk later. Shwetlana is behind the partition. Gauri shuts the box. The injection falls. Gauri turns to see and does not see Shwetlana. She leaves. Shwetlana picks injection and goes to the box. She says hi Shwetlana, good to see you again, see I came to meet you again, you are my secret and secret keeper, don’t worry, none knows our relation, because its very imp for me that this secret stays a secret. She injects and takes blood.

Gauri says what did I see, Shwetlana got mad, don’t know what she does, mad woman. She sees Om and says what’s the need to faint Om for this, maybe she wants to hide her age, I thought what’s her big secret, but she is just doing this to look young. Shwetlana says none can know why am I doing this. Shwetlana comes to Om’s room and sees Om and Gauri. She says idiots and turns to go. She stops and says something is wrong. She observes Gauri’s hair. She then sees a file on Om’s bed and says file under Om’s pillow, maybe its something imp, what’s inside it.


Dil Bole Oberoi 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shwetlana lights the cake candle. Everyone cough by the smoke. She swaps the file.

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