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Dil Bole Oberoi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om asks Chulbul to run. Kaali says Chulbul is dead. Om turns and sees Gauri. Kaali says your Chulbul and my Bulbul are same. Om gets shocked. Some time before, Om pushes Gauri and asks Chulbul to run. Gauri’s wig and glasses fall down. Her hair get loose. Om holds the sword in hand. His hand bleeds. His blood falls in her forehead. Saathiya…..plays…..

Gauri cries and recalls her marriage. Om says we call it friendship for which we can give life and stop death. He shouts run Chulbul. Kaali smiles seeing Gauri and says your Chulbul is dead. Om turns and sees Gauri. He gets shocked. He leaves the sword and recalls meeting Gauri in Bareilly. He thinks of his friend Chulbul. Om asks you… Gauri says actually…. Kaali holds her. He says in this game, Kaali says your Chulbul and my Bulbul are same. Om recalls Chulbul and his moments. He says such a big cheat. Gauri says no. Om says you stayed with me in my house as Chulbul, I hate you. Gauri holds him.

He asks her to stay away. She says you are misunderstanding me, I was helpless, I did not cheat you, I came Mumbai to get saved from Kaali, I had no job and house, I met Shwetlana, she wanted a male servant, so I had to become Chulbul, I got three months advance before I knew it was your house, so I could not go back, I was just doing my job, I never cheated you, I swear on Lord, I never tried to hurt you and your family, I wanted to tell you. He says you should have told me earlier, its foolish to expect truth from you, I trusted you, I regarded you my friend, you just cheated me, Tej broke my trust in relations, you burnt my trust in friendship. She says its nothing like that. He says its such thing, why were you helpless to cheat me here, I asked you about Chulbul, you lied to me, why did you not tell me, you were roaming in haveli as Thakurain, why this drama. She says I was helpless. He says no, you were selfish. She says I m doing this for your family.

She says trust me, if I did not do this, Kaali would have killed Buamaa. Kaali asks are you mad to ay anything, its such a big lie. Gauri says you are lying, I have seen you kidnapped Buamaa, so I was agreeing to Kaali, so I did this drama on his saying. Kaali says fine agreed you are saying truth, I m saying lie. He asks Om to call Buamaa and ask her.

Om calls Buamaa. She asks him when is he coming home. Om asks where are you. She says I m at home. He asks were you brought to Bareilly. She says no, Rudra told me you went to Bareilly for work, I know you went to find Chulbul, did you find him. He says Chulbul is not here. Gauri cries. He disconnects the call.

Shwetlana makes excuse and gets free from handcuff. Buamaa says Om is coming alone, he said he did not meet Gauri. Jhanvi asks where is Gauri, is she in any problem.

Om says Kaali we have no enmity, this girl cheated both of us, she fooled us, I came here for Chulbul, who is dead. Kaali says enough now. Om says you wanted this girl, take her, from now, leave me and my family, I have nothing to do with you and her. Om pushes Gauri towards Kaali. He says I don’t care for her.

Gauri says listen to me. He pushes her. He says I hate lie the most, you lied the biggest thing, you don’t even deserve my enmity, Gauri or Chulbul, you are dead for me now. She says no and cries. Om gets leaving. She shouts I did not cheat you. Kaali says this had to happen in this game, bird had to come back in cage, this time I will cut your feathers, leave flying, you will forget even walking. He chains her. She cries. Kaali pulls the chains and takes her.

Om comes home. Jhanvi asks how are you Om. Buamaa asks where is Chulbul. Om says Chulbul won’t come now, I came alone. Jhanvi asks what do you mean. Buamaa asks don’t you know anything about him. Om says I got to know everything about Chulbul, from today, none will take his name in this house, he is dead for us.

Buamaa says so you got to know Chulbul is Gauri. Om gets shocked and looks at Buamaa and Jhanvi. Om asks did you know. Jhanvi says yes. He says you both knew and did not tell me, why. Buamaa says for your happiness. He says you two were supporting that cheater, I told her I hate lies, you both lied to me, for my happiness right. Buamaa says no, we have hidden truth, we did not wish Gauri to leave from your life, we knew Chulbul became special for you. Jhanvi says I made her leave from house, but when we heard her story, we realized she is helpless. Buamaa says we accepted her as our bahu, we know that girl is right for you.

Om asks what do you know about her, you blindly trusted her story, she is a liar, characterless, she fakely cries to make anyone emotional. Jhanvi says no, we took her tests. Buamaa says she passes all tests. Jhanvi says she stayed here as Chulbul, what did she do, did she hurt us, she saved my life, she saved you from all problems, how can you forget this. He says it was all her drama, she can sell herself for money, you know today she is ready to marry Kaali for money.

Jhanvi asks did you leave her to Kaali. Buamaa asks what did you do, go and get her from Kaali. Om says don’t pity her, she lays the trap for one who saves her, I was also trapped by her, I don’t want to talk about her. Shwetlana comes and says I don’t know about whom are you talking, its time you open our chapter, its enough now, I have waited a lot, so much happened, you got many excuses to postpone marriage, now I won’t wait more, so I fixed marriage date, I have distributed wedding invitations too, its our marriage tomorrow. They get shocked.


Dil Bole Oberoi 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shwetlana says this marriage will happen. Jhanvi says my son won’t marry you. Om says I will marry Shwetkana whenever she says. Om and Shwetlana head to mandap, while Gauri is taken to mandap to marry Kaali.