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Dil Bole Oberoi 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shwetlana congratulates Om for marriage and asks him to come. Some time before, Shwetlana says its our marriage tomorrow. Buamaa asks have you lost it, Om will not marry you till I m alive. Shwetlana asks her not to commit suicide to stop this marriage, it won’t be of any use, this marriage will happen. Buamaa says I will not leave you. Shwetlana says you can’t do anything, if Om does not marry me, all shares and property will be on my name, so he has to do this marriage. Jhanvi says my son will never marry you. Om says I will marry. Buamaa asks are you mad to marry her. Jhanvi says you can’t do this. Buamaa says we are with you. Om says please I decided this, Shwetlana whenever you say, wherever you say, I will marry you. He goes.

Shwetlana taunts Buamaa and goes. Buamaa and Jhanvi worry. Gauri is thrown inside the room. She cries. Kaali says this is your real place, I thought to keep you in heart, but now I will keep you at shoe’s tip, bird can fly high, but looks good in cage, Om will not come to open this cage again, now I m your life’s Raavan and Ram too, if you keep me happy, you will be happy. She pushes him.

He says you aren’t scared of me. She says when Lord is with me, why to get scared of humans, its my belief, your chains can hold my legs, not my heart, you can break me, but my belief. He says your belief is just your illusion, I will end it by marrying you. She says I have married Om, so don’t think to marry me. He holds her hand and says if you act much, then I will remove your fair skin. She cries and sees a wine bottle. She breaks the bottle and asks him to stay away else…. He says what’s that song, unko aata hai pyaar pe gussa…. He leaves. She says I will die, but not remarry, I will die as Om’s suhaagan.

Om sits upset in his room. Jhanvi comes to him. She says give me that prenup. He passes it to her. She checks it. He asks what are you seeing. She says I m finding loophole, if I find this once, you won’t need to marry Shwetlana. He says its too late. She asks how can you lose so soon after knowing Shwetlana, its about your life, I will call Shivaye, he will save you from this problem. He says no, he is having trouble dealing with Anika’s past, don’t add more problems for him, this is about our family, Shwetlana is so clever, we could not get a single proof against her. She says human’s fate is smaller than his courage, my son has to fight. He says fight is done hoping for win, not to lose. Gauri cries and thinks of Om’s words. Jag soona soona…..plays….She sees the moon.

Om sees the moon and thinks of her. She thinks Om always supported me, Lord made my relation with Om, my maang got Om’s sindoor once again. She recalls his blood falling in her hairline. She extends hand to the moon and cries. Om thinks everyone cheats and lies, I will marry Shwetlana if my family gets saved. Gauri thinks what does Lord want, Lord tell me which way to choose. Om thinks the way which goes to my mum’s happiness is right, even when I have to tolerate Shwetlana all my life, I will do it.

Its morning, Om gets ready as groom and thinks of Gauri and Kaali. Buamaa says I thought to get mad dancing in your marriage, don’t do this. He says sometimes we do things being helpless. She asks can a mum see son getting ruined. He says I m ready to get ruined, I can’t see my family destruction. She says you know you are doing wrong, so you did not call Shivaye and Rudra. He asks what shall I do, if I tell them, will they let this marriage happen, no, my brothers will not understand my helplessness. She asks Gauri. He says not again. She says she is your wife. He says I don’t believe that marriage, please shut this topic, accept Shwetlana and I are marrying today. Shwetlana hears him and hides. Om leaves.

Shwetlana says so Om has dropped his weapons, I like it, now none can stop this marriage. Jhanvi says there should be some loophole in this agreement, I have to stop this marriage, I can’t see Om getting ruined. She checks papers and says yes… I found a way to save Om from Shwetlana, I have to show this to Om.

Om sees the mandap. Shwetlana comes to him. Shwetlana congratulates Om for marriage and asks him to come. Pandit asks them to come in mandap. Buamaa asks Om to thin again. Shwetlana says come Om, I m the bride and you are shy, you should hold my hand and take me to mandap, I think I should do this as I m dying to marry you. She holds his hand. She takes him to the mandap. Jhanvi comes and stops them, moving their hands away. She asks Om to come with her. Shwetlana says excuse me, we are marrying. Jhanvi says my talk is imp than your marriage. Om asks what happened. Jhanvi takes him. Shwetlana sees the papers and says what happened to Jhanvi, why did she had prenuptial agreement in her hand.


Dil Bole Oberoi 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jhanvi shows the papers to Om. Shwetlana makes Om faint by making him smell a rose. She says I knew Oberois won’t lose till end, but I m also Shwetlana.

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