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Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

Gauri sings in Jagrata. Om looks on. Real Shwetlana wakes up. Gauri applies blood in her maang. Some time before, Gauri gets ready and thinks I will not let Jagrata spoil, Om and his family will get Mata Rani’s blessings. She runs for the Jagrata. She collides with Om. He holds her hand. Her dupatta gets on her face. She recalls their marriage. Kehna hi kya…..plays………. She thinks of his words. Flowers fall on them. Om and Gauri see each other. He tries to move the dupatta off her face. She holds his hand and runs from there. Saathiya….plays…….. He says hello, listen. He picks the anklet and says your anklet….

Buamaa says where did she disappear. Shwetlana says maybe CD got damaged, sorry mom your plan failed. Jhanvi says I did not play any CD. Shwetlana asks was a spirit singing. Buamaa says if the girl does not come back, we will get double insulted. Jhanvi says our respect is in Mata Rani’s hands. Gauri comes and sings in Jagrata. Shwetlana thinks why do I think I know her, who is this girl.

Rudra says its strange, Chulbul has seen freezer, but he came with Om, there was no freezer, even I can’t see, Shwetlana is clever, but not more than agent Rudy. Freezer will be around. Freezer is seen on other side of the glass wall. Om says such a sweet voice, who is this girl. Real Shwetlana begins to get conscious. Rudra touches the glass wall. He says I think its glass partition, not glass wall, there will be something behind this, how to open it. He sees a value and rotates it. Om looks at Gauri. Gauri chants Mata’s name. Real Shwetlana opens the freezer and comes out. Rudra sees the glass partition moving. He goes to see, while she starts leaving from there.

Shwetlana says you smile as much as you want, its your life’s last smile. She brings the nails structured mattress and puts it there. She thinks Jhanvi is lucky, she will die while seeing mata Rani. She says I told you I will make this Jagrata memorable for Oberois, I m going to win this challenge, just one push will kill Jhanvi. She tries to make Jhanvi fall. Jhanvi goes on Buamaa’s call. Buamaa asks Om to put this in Mata’s feet. Gauri sees Om’s photo and sits praying. A girl collides with Om. His hand gets a cut. He waves his hand. The blood falls on Gauri’s forehead. She turns and sees him. She recalls their marriage. She says I just bent my head, you have given me blessing, today once again, Om filled my maang, I don’t want anything else, the relation which you joined twice, it has no importance for Om, I will always be his wife. She applies the blood in her maang. Jhanvi sees this and thinks why did this girl make Om’s blood her maang’s sindoor. She sees Gauri keeping Om’ photo. Gauri goes. Jhanvi gets busy to talk to a guest. Om stops Gauri. She covers her face with dupatta.

He gets Rudra’s call. Gauri goe. He thinks where did she go. He asks is there freezer in basement, are you sue its empty, stay there, I will come. Shwetlana hears him and says is he talking of that basement where I have hidden Shwetlana, how did they find freezer when I have hidden it behind wall. Om opens the secret door and jumps in. Real Shwetlana goes out. She looks around. Jhanvi gets Mrs. Malhotra’s call. The lady apologizes for not sending the girl. Jhanvi says she was here, she has sing well, she just left from here. The lady says I did not send anyone. Jhanvi says who was that girl and recalls Gauri. She ends call. She picks Om’s photo and says Om’s photo with that girl….. I don’t understand, why did she fill her maang with Om’s blood, just that girl can answer me, I have to find her some way.


Dil Bole Oberoi 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Gauri says where did I keeep Chulbul’s wig. Jhanvi says its here and shows the wig. Gauri gets tensed. Om says its empty, I don’t know its meaning. Shwetlana thinks where can real Shwetlana go. Buamaa looks at real Shwetlana sitting in Mata idol’s feet.

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