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Dil Bole Oberoi 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Om lands in Bareilly. He gets down the car and looks at the temple. Gauri is also at the temple. Om gets a call. He answers. Shivaye asks where are you, your phone was not reachable. Om says there are network issues here. Shivaye asks did deal lock. Om says its land, time is needed to get it, don’t worry, I will come back soon. Shivaye asks are you fine. Om says yes. Shivaye says not sounding fine, tell me what’s wrong. Om says I have to go, I will call later. He puts phone in pocket and it falls down. Shivaye leaves from his room. Anika looks on.

The man asks Om to come and see the land. The boy says Salman Khan will not come here. Gauri tells the boy that its her belief that her Prem will come Bareilly. Gauri walks by Om. Her dupatta flies over him. Om turns to see. Gauri sees the phone on ground and turns. She sees Om going and calls him out. She runs after him. She sees Anika Bhabhi calling and shouts your Bhabhi is calling you listen wait. She asks the boy to go and practice. Anika says why is Om not answering. Gauri says I can’t answer, but I will talk to Bhabhi.

Anika asks where are you. Gauri says I m in Bareilly. Anika says I know you are in Bareilly, but…. this is some girl’s voice. Gauri says because I m a womaniya, so I sound like womaniya. Anika asks womaniya, who are you. Gauri says I m Gauri Kumari Sharma, 5th pass from Bareilly. Anika asks how did you get this phone. Gauri says that Hippi looking guy went in hurry and phone fell, you would be worried right. Anika says yes, I was having nervousness/Michmichi. Gauri says belief makes everything fine. Anika says nothing right happened with me, I learnt one thing, person has to make spoiled things fall. Gauri says I m happy with whatever I have, its my fate to whom I love, its his wish whether I get him or not, Meera was happy without getting Krishna ji. Anika says such big talks happened with a stranger. Gauri says yes, big talks happens with stranger, I believe this, have belief in heart, live with a smile, every problem runs away. Kids are waiting for me, I will end call. She goes. Anika says there is something in this Gauri.

The man gets Omkara to a palace, and says its a palace, not haveli, its old but valuable, what its called in english. Om says antique, did we come to see this. The man says no, I was just saying, the land which you want belongs to Bade Thakur. Om asks where is he.

Kaali Thakur is seen drinking. His wife asks does this suit you in this age, think something. He pushes her away and says Kaali Thakur does not think, and just does it. She asks what about me, where will I go. He says its big haveli, there are many rooms and corners. She shouts you can’t do this. Om hears her. She cries and says I will die. Kaali holds her face. Om asks what’s this noise. Kaali says please you die, you can sleep peacefully and even I can. She cries and runs downstairs. She comes across Om.

The man greets her and says she is our Malkin, Thakurain Jhanvi. Om recalls Jhanvi. He touches his feet. She asks what are you doing. He says even my mum name is Jhanvi, mum’s feet are touched. She blesses him and goes.

Gauri asks the boy why is he crying. He says I can’t dance, I don’t have one leg, I can’t even stand, walk, and run. She says who said dance is done by legs, don’t say nonsense, you are lucky, see you could lose life, but this did not happen, you can win world by one leg, do you want to dance. He nods. She asks him to come and dance. She takes him and shows other kids, standing in one feet and dancing. He smiles. Gauri dances with them. Aaj ki party….plays…..

Kaali says you came to buy land, can you pay for it. Om asks what. Kaali says we are three brothers and land is one, you have to pay three times the amount. Om signs a cheque and gives him. Kaali sees 8 crores cheque and says one zero is less. Om says once I get land, zero will come, just vacate that land. Kaali says jewelry, wife or land, be it of anyone, I don’t delay in buying and selling, the land is yours, I don’t like smartness in deal, my father was non-violence pujari, but I was born with a gun. Om says bullet is not shot by gun, but by courage, and I m born with courage. He says I want this land today and leaves. Kaali looks on.

He calls Chachi and says money has come, work should be done today. She says yes and picks a biscuit. She takes a lady on road, and says walk fast, else how will you reach destination. She leaves the lady in middle of the traffic and goes far. A boy shouts to Gauri and says your mum…..

Gauri drops the icecream and runs shouting Maa. Her mum gets hit by a truck and falls. Gauri reaches her and asks her to open eyes. She asks someone to help. She hugs her mum and cries. She tries to stop the cars and get help. She wipes her tears and lifts her mum. She gets her mum on back and walks. She reaches hospital and calls doctor. Her mum is taken in ward. Chachi says why are you angry on me. That old lady was getting breathless, I was taking her to doctor.

Gauri says you should have called me. They argue. Chachi says you are orphan. Gauri says I have a mum, I m not orphan. Chachi says she is not your mum, but your step mum, she is unlucky and then her bad luck has killed her husband. Gauri says relations are not by blood, but by heart, if she did not give me birth, she raised me. Chachi says fine keep relations, pay the hospital bill, don’t come to beg me for money, I won’t give any penny. She goes. Doctor says this is bill for your mum’s expenses. Gauri says I don’t have money, I will get order in 2-3 hours. He says counter will get shut in evening, then we can’t treat your mum, deposit money soon. She says I have belief that I will get order and deposit money before counter gets shut, you start treating her. He says fine.

Chachi calls Kaali and says don’t know how Gauri came there, she got old lady to hospital. Kaali says old lady is weak like a bird, keep hitting stones, she will die soon, and about Gauri. I laid such trap that she will get ready to marry me. Chachi says great.

Gauri comes to market and says I have to earn 10000rs, I m sure I can earn. She sees the shops getting shut. Police asks the shop vendors to leave. Om looks on. Gauri cries. Om says I want this land vacated in two hours, no shop should be open.

Dil Bole Oberoi 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Om says I bought this land. Gauri says you bought land, not me. They argue. He throws money on her face and says I will break your belief easily. She says we will see, whether my belief breaks or your ego. She crushes his car with the bulldozer. She gives her introduction.

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