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Dil Bole Oberoi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri gets leaving. Om sees her and notices her feet. Kaali sees Gauri’s pic. He throws some red chilli powder on the man’s face. He angrily throws his phone and breaks it into pieces. Some time before, Gauri says I will go away from this house and Om, I promise Om won’t get hurt because of me. Gauri thinks of Om and her moments. Har dil jo pyaar karega…. plays…. She thinks of Om’s words. Kaali arrives in the city. He sees Gauri’s pic.

He stops the jeep and asks a man did you see this girl anywhere. The man says no. Kaali gets angry and says if you did not see, your eyes are of no use, shame on such eyes. He throws red chilli powder on the man’s face. He thinks of Gauri. He says shame on such eyes, death has come to me, but I said I m busy, come later. He recalls falling on the sword. He sees Gauri’s pic and says I m alive just for you, meet me soon, the more you make me restless, I will torture you, Gauri Sharma, Kaali Thakur from Bareilly is back.

Om asks what’s your connection with the freezer kept in basement. Real Shwetlana recalls her friend, getting her face by taking Dang’s help. FB shows fake Shwetlana meeting her and smiling. Real Shwetlana gets shocked and says my face… Fake Shwetlana says what happened, did you not like face, we are best friends, who share everything, we are sharing the same face, like twins, but we are not twins, so same face can create problem for us, I will go in front of everyone, don’t worry, I won’t kill you, you did a big work for me, you are my best friend, I will lead a new life with your face, I have a place for you, where you will get peace. She shows the freezer and makes her unconscious. She makes her lie inside the freezer. FB ends.

Real Shwetlana says no, please save me. She faints. Shwetlana thinks I have to stop her from saying truth, but how, I understood what to do. She calls maid and says look there. She hits the maid. She wears the servant uniform and thinks I will create a mayhem, so that I get the chance to put Shwetlana in freezer. She makes a lady fall. Buamaa asks what’s going on, and goes out to see. Om and Buamaa leave from room. Shwetlana goes to room. Gauri cries and sees Om’s pic. She hugs the pic and packs her bag. She sees Om’s room and says forgive me, I promised you that I will always support you, I could not fulfill it, I m going without telling you, your mm its for your happiness, I can even give my life for you, I know you hate Gauri Sharma, just try to think of Chulbul with a smile on face. She touches the floor and door, and cries. Saathiya…..plays…….

She hears Buamaa. Buamaa says its bleeding, we will call doctor, Jagrata is over, you can leave if you want, come I will give prasad. Gauri thinks this is the chance to leave with women, before Om comes here finding me. She sees Om. Saathiya….plays…….. Gauri says our togetherness was just till here, maybe my leaving has your betterment, and maybe serving you was not in my fate, I can’t tell you I m going, just see this way once, I want to see you well.

Kaali’s man asks people about Gauri. Kaali sees Gauri’s pic in his phone. He says I had a bird/girl in my childhood, the bird flew when the cage was open, everyone said bird has gone, forget, but I did not agree and found the bird, I did not kill it but did such thing that my dad fainted seeing it, I will make your state worse than that. The man says we did not find her. Kaali says where did this bird/girl hide. He throws his phone and breaks it into pieces. Gauri comes there.

Gauri’s mum says after Kaali went, our problems ended. Gauri says okay I will end call. Kaali’s jeep passes by and dirt falls on her. She shouts are you blind. Kaali gets down the jeep and sees her.

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