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Dil Bole Oberoi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Preview


On the Previous episode of Dil Bole Oberoi 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you read how Shwetlana says I m going to my room, don’t forget to say bye to me, I will stand in my room’s window, say bye from downstairs. Om asks why. She says it will happen every day after marriage, I will see off from window, how romantic, don’t forget. He goes. She asks Gauri to come along. She says you have to go with Om, you have to find out where he is going and why. Gauri says why will he take me, what will I tell him. Shwetlana says you think how to spy on him, go with Om and get all info to me. She goes.

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Shwetlana holds her hand. She asks did you say Om to take you along. Gauri recalls Om’s words and says yes, he agreed. Shwetlana says great, where is he going. Gauri slides papers in her sleeve. Shwetlana says did he say or not. Gauri says no, he just said he will take me along. Shwetlana says fine, go with him and be with him like shadow, get his info for me. Gauri goes. Shwetlana says now plan C’s turn, surprise for Om.

She sees Om leaving from his room. She goes to his room and opens secret door. She jumps inside. The floor resurfaces. Gauri goes to Om. She asks don’t you have to say bye to Shwetlana. Om and Gauri see Shwetlana at the window, waving to Om. Om waves to her. Fake Shwetlana comes from behind. Its show how Shwetlana is made to stand by support and her hand is waved with the help of the fan. Fake Shwetlana sits in the car dickey. Om asks Gauri to sit in front. Gauri smiles. Saathiya….plays……….

Om asks Gauri where are you going. Gauri says I was thinking to sit there, you are boss, how can I sit with you. Om says what nonsense, sit quiet. Gauri smiles. She sees peppermints/candies and says I like these a lot. Om asks her to eat. Gauri throws it in air and catches in mouth. Om looks on and asks what are you doing, do you eat this way. She says yes. He thinks of Gauri. He says his everything/behavior matches with that girl. Gauri says I will show Rajnikath style. Om asks are you done. Gauri asks shall I ask something, will you feel bad. Om says if you think I may feel bad, why are you asking. Gauri says I won’t ask. Om says ask. Gauri asks do you really want to marry Shwetlana.

Shwettlana comes out of the dickey. She says which place is this. She sees the dhaba and says this is Panchgani road, it means Om is going Panchgani, he would be going college to know my past, before he reaches there, I have to reach there and stop him. She sees scissors on ground and says wow, I think fate is supporting me, the thing I actually needed, I got it here, Om you want to know about me, I will show you who I m in reality.

On this episode you will read about Om and Gauri dance in drunken state on Panghat pe naache….Shwetlana removes her mask and catches the father by his neck. He gets a shock seeing her.

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