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Dil Bole Oberoi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Om says we should leave. Gauri says yes, come. Om asks why are you saying in girls’ voice, you are Chulbul. She says I m a girl, not a guy. Om and Gauri dance. Shwetlana cuts her mask and shows her real face to father. He gets shocked. Some time before, Gauri asks Om do you really want to marry Shwetlana, I just asked, don’t answer if you don’t want. Om says yes, I don’t want to marry her. She smiles. He says but I will do this marriage. Saathiya…..plays…… He says don’t ask why, I can’t explain this, you can’t understand my problem and solution, don’t talk to me about this topic. She says fine. Om asks where are you going. Gauri says I will sit there, else I will ask questions. Shwetlana comes. Om says you can ask questions, I have problem with topic, don’t ask about Shwetlana.

Gauri says you are angry with me, shall I ask one more thing. Om says ask. Gauri says marriage is big decision, I will not ask why you are marrying aunty aged woman, but did you think to marry someone else before. Om thinks of Gauri and says no. Gauri asks why. He says I did not get any such girl till now. Om orders low spice omelette. He asks Chulbul what will you eat. Gauri says whatever you order for yourself. She wipes her tears and turns.

Shwetlana says how to stop Om, I wish I got chloroform and Amba with me, work would have been easy. She sees waiter and hides. She hears him and says this omelette will be for Om, I have to do something. She sees mushrooms jar and smiles. She says when fate is helping, something is got anywhere. She takes mushrooms and says now this mushroom will be put in Om’s omelette, my fav. weapon will do this. She goes to cook and scares him. He faints. She makes omelette for Om and says I made this for you for the first time, enjoy this, I will go to college till then. She goes to take lift. She takes lift and throws man down the trunk.

Om and Gauri eat omelette. They get dizzy. Shwetlana drives the truck. Gauri laughs. Om asks why are you laughing. She says I m laughing as you are also laughing, I m Hasmukh. Om laughs and says you are Chulbul. They joke. Om says we should leave. Gauri says yes come. Om asks why are you saying in girls
voice. Gauri says because I m girl. Om says duffer, you are Chulbul. Gauri says I m a girl, not a guy, shall I show my long hair.

Om says girl Chulbul, behave yourself, I think we should go. He holds her hand and they feel current. They laugh. She says static. Om says come now. They walk at same point. He says car is so far. She says yes, we are walking since long. Om says we will run and see who goes ahead. They run at same place. He says we will reach, come. He asks people to move off his day, I m running. The man says you guys are really fun, come join us.

Om sings Sar ghume chakkar khaye and dances with Gauri. Shwetlana is on the way. Om turns and sees Gauri. Jo na keh sake tum…… He thinks of their marriage. She comes to him.

Shwetlana meets father. He asks who are you. She says I m Shwetlana, your ex student. He says no, you can’t be Shwetlana. I know her well. She says you have to say I m Shwetlana, will you say father. He says no, I don’t lie. She says its not lie to save someone, I know Om is coming to find about Shwetlana, I don’t want him to know truth. He asks her to leave. She asks will you not agree. He says no, never. She pushes chair and says as you wish, I tried my best to convince you, you did not agree. I have to do what I don’t want. He asks who are you. She asks you want to know who I m, I will tell you.

She shows the scissors and cuts her skin of her neck. She removes her mask. He tries to run. She catches him. She throws him out of the window. Om and Gauri dance. Shwetlana says sorry father, I had to do this, I don’t want anyone to know all Shwetlana are one, how, keep watching to know.

Om holds Gauri in arms. Saathiya…..plays… Cloth falls over them. She recalls their moments. They are seen in the mirror. They have an eyelock. He holds her hand.

Shwetlana throws all files. She says don’t know where are the details kept, old man was not of any use. She does not see Bible. She says this computer will have Shwetlana’s details, I will end all of it. She deletes the folder. She says this was the last link which could open my secret, I should have done this before, all is well that ends well, now Om can’t reach my secrets ever.


Dil Bole Oberoi 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Om and Gauri wake up and see each other. Gauri catches the bible. Om sees the picture. Shwetlana gets angry.

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