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Dil Bole Oberoi 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Om calls out Chulbul. Gauri worries and says Om is calling Chulbul and I m roaming as a girl. She gets her clothes and sees the pant on the tree. Om asks Gauri where is your pant. Gauri sees green leaves skirt. Some time before, Shwetlana deletes the file and says now Om can never reach my secret. She touches Bible. She sees something inside. She hears police siren and drops the Bible. She picks it again to check. She keeps book back on hearing siren and rushes to hide.

Gauri wakes up and sees Om sleeping. She wishes this dream does not break ever. She prays to Lord that she sees Om’s face every morning. She recalls their moment and hugs him. She says its not a dream, before Om sees me, I have to become Chulbul. Her hair come under his face. She tries to free her hair. She takes a blade and cuts her hair, saying I can even give my life for you. Om opens eyes and sees her. She worries.

Police seals the college. Father’s pics are clicked. Forensic takes evidence. Inspector says it looks a murder case, I will do enquiry and tell you. He asks constable to seal the area, none should come inside, I will see how the person escapes. Gauri says Omkara ji…. Om says its a dream and sleeps. She gets up to leave. Om opens eyes and does not see her. He says it was a dream right, why did I see Gauri, how did I get girl’s hair, what am I doing here. Gauri runs. Om says where is Chulbul and calls out Chulbul.

Gauri worries and says Om is calling Chulbul and I m roaming as a girl. She gets her clothes. She says I m coming. She sees the pant on the tree. Buamaa sees Shwetlana and asks her to switch on lights. She sees Shwetlana standing and asks her not to see strangers standing at the window. She asks Shwetlana not to be angry, it will turn to wrinkles, we will make a new start, fine, you know Om is, what do I say, I love him, he is more than my son, if he wants to marry you, I won’t challenge his decision, if you stay good with me, I will stay more better, else I will not leave you, come to my room when your mood gets fine. She goes.

Gauri sees Om and wears her wig and clothes. Om asks what are you doing since long. He sees Chulbul and asks what’s this state, where is your pant. Gauri sees the green leaves. She says my pant is there. He asks what is she doing there, why did you remove pant. Gauri recalls taking her feminine avatar, I don’t remember in yesterday’s madness. He says me too, maybe there was something in omelette, I saw her yesterday. Gauri asks who. He thinks of Gauri and says its not imp, leave it, tell me whose hair are these. Gauri says I don’t know. Om says you would who was sleeping beside me. Gauri says I don’t remember. He says I also don’t remember, but I feel I know this person, leave it, its not important, we are getting late, come. Gauri says I can’t go without pant. Om asks why do you act like girl, become a man. Gauri says I get shy, what shall I do, I m not such girl who roams without pant. Om asks what did you say. Gauri says I m not such guy, I take bath with clothes on.

Om asks why do you behave like girls. Gauri says guy or girl, wearing clothes is good. Om says you have to run now, see back. The goats eat the leaves. Gauri shouts and asks Om to save her. Om says you will do whatever I say. Gauri says yes. Om says run. They run and she sits in the car. Om laughs. Om gets the pant from the tree and gives to Gauri to wear it. She asks him to turn that side. Om asks why is your every doing like a girl, fine I understood, you are not such guy, wear fast. Gauri wears pant and says done. Om sits in car.

Buamaa asks Jhanvi will everything get fine if you don’t eat food, why are you depressed, I will get Tej back in your life. Jhanvi says relations break by forcing. Buamaa says men have ego, I will sure he comes back in your life. Tej hears them and says no Buamaa, this can’t happen, Jhanvi and I can’t unite.’

Om asks about father. The man says he is no more. Inspector interrogates Om. Om says I had personal work. Inspector says father is murdered, I think its related to your info. Om says I will take info and leave, its important. Inspector says this place is sealed. Om says I just need my info, I will be out of your way. Inspector says its SP madam’s order. Om says call her, I will talk to her. Inspector asks will she come running hearing about Omkara. Om says maybe not just Omkara, army will stand here hearing about Omkara Singh Oberoi’s name. Inspector asks are you that Omkara. Om says yes, you use uniform and I don’t use my name. Inspector says even if you used, madam would have not helped. The lady asks are you Omkara, come with me, father asked me to give you details and printout, maybe its in his office. Om says but office is sealed. She says yes info is just there, that’s the only way to reach. Om thanks her. He says we have to get that printouts at any cost.


Dil Bole Oberoi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Om says we wanted these details, its Shwetlana, but picture is different. Gauri checks. Shwetlana says you will never know relation between me, this pic and the one who is at home, you can’t imagine, what I have done, just wait and watch.

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