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Dil Bole Oberoi 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 16th February 2017 video Watch Online on

Om comes to Kaali’s haveli. Gauri has tears in eyes and walks ahead for the wedding. Her feet are chained. Om sees Gauri as the bride. He recalls Jhanvi’s suicide attempt and the lady’s words. Om gets shocked seeing Shwetlana behind Gauri. Shwetlana smiles. Gauri comes to Om. He thinks there is no difference between Shwetlana and this girl, Thakurain tried to give up her life and she has no feelings. Gauri steps ahead and stops by the chains. She thinks how to tell him about chains, I will sign him. She drops her accessory. He picks it up and asks what is it. She tries to show the chains. He says its not just a thread, its elder’s blessings and prayers, this won’t matter for a girl who breaks relations. She says if relation is strong, none can break it.

He says this does not look good to hear from you. She says without knowing anyone, its not right to make an opinion about others. He says right opinion is not made about those who do wrong work. She asks what do you know about me. He says I don’t waste time to know people like you, what you are doing shows you are such fallen girl. She says I have just one relation, that’s my strength and weakness, I can do anything for it. He asks will you break someone’s house and become second woman. She says you won’t understand my helplessness. He says a woman does not break other woman’s house being helpless, but being selfish. They argue. He gives her the thread accessory and leaves.

Kaali does shayari. Gauri looks on. Kaali asks the men to praise him. The men praise his shayari. Gauri knocks the door. She comes in and says I have to talk something in private. Kaali says fire is equal both sides, just free her chains, else how will it be fun to talk. The man frees her. All the men leave.

Gauri says I m not happy with this marriage, its happening against my wish. Kaali says but its my wish, that’s enough. She says I m doing this for my mum, I will marry when you promise that you will take care of my mum. He smiles and says condition with Kaali Thakur, wife keeps fast for husband, not condition. She says I m just doing this marriage for my mum, if anything happens to her, I will not marry. He asks what will you do. She says I will give up my life. He says its no fun to eat chilli if its not spicy, my suhaagraat will spoil if you die, fine I promise I won’t do anything with your mum, whatever I will do, will be with you. She says I have to talk to my mum. He asks her to smile and say, till you smile, your mum will be alive. He makes her smile.

Gauri’s aunt tortures Gauri’s mum by dipping her head in water drum. Uncle gets Kaali’s call. Kaali asks for Gauri’s mum. Uncle says she is about to die. Kaali says then you both will also die. They leave Gauri’s mum. Kaali asks for Gauri’s mum and gives phone to Gauri. Gauri asks her mum are you fine. Her mum says yes. Gauri says I will get you with me soon, just…. Kaali takes phone and stops her, saying now my happiness, I have a rule, giving my one hand and taking by another, my special guests are coming, I want you to entertain them.

She sees his phone in pocket and says fine, as you say. He says great, you agreed soon. She says I also have a rule, I don’t keep anyone’s favor. He says then we will bond well, your eyes are so sharp that struck my heart. He holds her. She takes his phone and says let me go, I have to prepare for evening. He stops her. The phone falls. He says I was saying. She sits and takes phone, saying my mum says husband is Lord, and his feet has heaven. He says no, your place is in my arms. He hugs her. Om comes that way and sees them.

Kaali asks Om to come. Kaali says meet her, she is my would be wife, Gauri. Om gives cheque and says I added that zero, I have to leave for Mumbai. Kaali asks how, its my marriage today. Om says sorry, I have to leave. Kaali says I will not sign papers if you don’t become part of our celebrations. He asks Gauri to say. Gauri says stay back, Thakur Saab will be glad. She goes. Kaali says now you have to stay back, now Gauri has said it. He hugs Om and says its Thakur’s marriage, it will be Dhamaal.

Gauri goes to room and shuts door. She says I have to save Maa from uncle and aunt, then we will run from this city. She calls the kids. The phone is kept away. Kaali and Om are in corridor. Kaali enters the room with Om. Gauri hides. Kaali checks drawer for papers. The little boy checks phone. Kaali gives land papers to Om. He asks him to attend his marriage now. The boy says who can call thrice, and calls back. Kaali’s phone rings. Gauri worries. Om says someone’s phone is ringing. A man comes and tells Kaali that Gauri is nowhere. Kaali says check well and goes. Om sees the moving curtain and goes to check.

A man calls him and says lawyer has come, he is waiting for you. Om leaves. Gauri calls the boy again and says its me Gauri, I need your help, my mum is in danger. He says I can’t hear you. His phone gets off.

Kaali asks how can she go when you all are here. Kaali and his men look for her. Gauri worries and says I think phone battery is low, everyone would be finding me. She comes out of room and sees Kaali. He asks where did you go. Gauri says I was here. The man says she was not here. Kaali scolds his man. Gauri asks is everything fine. Kaali says yes, get ready, prepare for Jashan. She nods and goes. Om looks on and goes.

Jashan starts. Kaali and his brothers drink. Gauri comes there and sees Om. Kaali and his brothers stare at Gauri. Kaali says its my marriage today, it means marriage anniversary, meet her, she is my would be wife, she is a spark, when I m getting fire home, the neighborhood will warm hands by fire. The men laugh. Kaali says she will dance for everyone today. The men get glad. Gauri worries.


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaali weighs Gauri with gold. Gauri dances on Honton me aise baat…… Om looks on. The boy calls back. Gauri sees the phone ringing.

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