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Dil Bole Oberoi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In todays episode of Dil Bole Oberoi 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will watch : Om says we wanted these details, its Shwetlana, but picture is different. Gauri checks. Shwetlana says you will never know relation between me, this pic and the one who is at home, you can’t imagine, what I have done, just wait and watch.

Om says we were finding these papers, see this photo, its not Shwetlana, how is it possible. Shwetlana says you will never know, the relation between me, this pic and one who is at your house, just wait and watch. Some time before, Gauri shouts father and cries. Om consoles her and says Lord needs good people, don’t cry. Gauri says why did father go. Om says Lord will give you courage to bear sorrow, you need water, come. Constable stops him and says place is sealed. Om says he needs water, he will faint. Constable allows him. Om sees constables inside and hides. He holds Gauri and feels current. He says we have to trick them to enter father’s room. Gauri says its tough. He says I don’t care, I want that documents, else I won’t know Shwetlana’s reality. She thinks it means my doubt was right, Om does not want to marry Shwetlana, he is marrying by helplessness, he wants to get her truth out, being his wife, its my duty to support him.

She says don’t worry, Lord made you reach here, will show way ahead too. Om says I don’t have belief in Lord, stop it. Gauri says I have belief in Lord, there will be some way. She gets a blade and recalls cutting her hair by it. They go to power room. She cuts the wire. He asks what are you doing, already he has current, now he is holding electric wires. Gauri asks him to spit. Om asks what, are you mad. Gauri explains him that spitting is not so bad. Om spits. She says great, what an aim. Om asks what will happen. She says you will know it. Constable says it seems like short circuit and go to check. Om asks do you know english, find documents of Shwetlana’s name. Gauri says yes. Om says murder english later, find documents.

Gauri says we will run. Om says we won’t go without documents. She says it will be problem, listen, come. Police comes there. They hide. Inspector says I think they have run away, find them. Gauri sees the bible lying on chair. It falls down. Gauri holds it. Inspector leaves.

Om says duffer, what was the need to do this, if he saw us. Gauri says its holy bible, how could I see its insult. The paper falls down from bible. Om sees the papers and says its same papers which we are finding, Shwetlana, but whose photo is this, its not Shwetlana, how is it possible. Shwetlana looks on and says so what if you got my document, you won’t understand the secret, I have done what you can’t imagine, you will never know the relation between me, this pic and the one who is at your house. Gauri says I have seen her somewhere. She recalls the photo. She says I have seen this photo in Shwetlana’s room. Om asks are you sure. Shwetlana says stupid, I kept him to leak Om’s secrets, he is leaking my secrets. Gauri says when I was giving her towel, this photo was there, S was written behind it. Om says if you are saying true, my big problem is solved, thanks. Gauri says it was my duty. Om says show me that photo once, it will be easy to expose her. They leave. Shwetlana says Chulbul, I trusted you, I gave you job, money, and place to stay, you cheated me, you did big mistake, I will deal with Om later, I will see you first, just wait and watch.

Tej throws vase. He says when people die, their dead body is burnt, our relation is dead, its better to burn it, its over, none sees my helplessness, I want to get free of Jhanvi. Buamaa asks Jhanvi not to cry. Tej says she does not know anything else than crying, she cries to gain sympathy, my family and children support her, her happiness matters to them, everyone thinks she is upset because of me, the truth is I m upset because of her. He asks Jhanvi does she have self respect or not, he made her leave from bedroom, I had relationship with other woman, anyone else in your place would have left me, you are so shameless to stay here, you got habit to cry and gain attention, you have always acted to be victim, Om does not respect me, you could not become good wife and mum, what can be more shameful for a woman. Buamaa asks Tej to calm down. Tej says no, this problem has one solution, divorce, why don’t you die. Buamaa says enough, leave before I raise hand. Tej leaves.

Om says we have to reach home soon, if Shwetlana knows we came Panchgani, she will hide the pic. Shwetlana says I won’t let you reach that pic, I did mistake to keep that photo till now. Om says her past is hidden behind that pic, I want that photo any way, come on Chulbul. Shwetlana says I will clear that photo, I have to reach Mumbai before Om. Gauri says I m coming, I m not a guy. Om asks what. Gauri says I mean guy like you. Om holds her hand and says did you get hurt, your hand is so lean, start gym with Rudra from tomorrow. Saathiya….plays………… Her hair come out of wig. She worries and thinks how did my hair came out, if Om sees, I will be gone, he is not leaving hand, how to make it fine.

Fan moves. The wooden support falls. Shwetlana falls on the chair. Tej comes to Shwetlana’s room. He asks are you alright, you did not come out of room since afternoon, why are you silent, remember I gave you sim card, I want that sim car, its urgent. He holds her and says you are asleep, you look so beautiful even in sleep, you are just mine, I know you are upset and want to make me realize my mistake, I realized my mistake, I will never let you go, I will find the sim card.

Om takes Gauri along. Gauri blows hair back. Om asks what’s your problem, I had to drag you literally. Gauri signs loo. Om says go there and come fast. He stops her and asks are you a girl, you are guy right, why are you going to ladies washroom. Gauri says I was in hurry, I will just come. She runs.

Tej checks drawer for sim, and gets it. Shwetlana’s pic falls down and sticks to his shoe. He leaves. Shwetlana says thanks Chulbul, now I will reach Mumbai before Om, I will destroy Shwetlana’s pic. She goes to take lift. She asks a truckman about lift. The other man says she is same woman who has stolen my truck, catch her. She runs. Om asks Gauri is she done. Gauri says yes. He takes Gauri. They leave in the car. Shwetlana says oh no, if they reach before me, they will get the photo, I was mad to remove photo from frame, but the photo is still in that drawer.


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Buamaa gets pic and comments on it. Shwetlana wearing skates holds the car. Gauri sees Shwetlana in room and says how is she here. Shwetlana sees Gauri and says if Chulbul knows about fake Shwetlana, my game will get spoiled.

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