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Dil Bole Oberoi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om and Gauri get shocked seeing the video. He asks how will we prove this. Gauri says by finding the Shwetlana in ice box, I think she is here. Some time before, Jhanvi gets Gauri to room and says you came here as Chulbul before, today you came here as Om’s wife Gauri, so we did these preparations. Gauri thinks its big thing to come as Om’s wife. Buamaa gets Om. Om asks what’s all this. Buamaa asks do I need to explain, idiot. She pushes Om. She asks Jhanvi to come. She says little Om should play around in one year. She goes. Om throws the things.

He says don’t forget you are guest here, you are brought here to make Shwetlana leave, you will leave alongwith her. She says I know and cries. He says if you know, why are you acting to be my wife, you don’t need to stay here, get out. He pushes her outside the room. She cries. He says I will get free from Shwetlana and Gauri in next 48 hours, I have to go to Shwetlana’s room and find clues. Gauri thinks of his words and cries.

Om goes to Shwetlana’s room and sees her sleeping. He checks some files. He hides. Gauri says Om is right, he did this marriage being helpless, so he does not believe in it, why am I feeling bad, I just came to help him. Om thinks I have to find clues, else Shwetlana will get saved again. Gauri sees the robot and says this robot always roams with red eyes. She recalls the two red dots made by doctor.

She says red eyes, was doctor trying to say about this robot, I should tell Om. Om says I did not get anything, what to do now. Shwetlana comes to his room and says wedding night and you are alone. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to see how your room is decorated, I knew this marriage is a drama, what did you think, you will get village girl and say she is your wife, will I agree, there would be some reason, your bride is not here.

Gauri comes and says I m here, I went to get ice water for Om. Om holds her and says this is not your work, it was Chulbul’s work, he was servant, you are my wife, it means owner of Oberoi mansion. He holds her close and says you came home today and started working, its our first night. Shwetlana looks on. Om asks her for some privacy. Shwetlana goes.


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Om pushes Gauri away. He asks her not to have any misunderstanding, this is just a drama to show Shwetlana, why did you come here. Gauri gets the robot. He says I have seen it many times. She asks him to see the red eyes, maybe its the marks made by doctor Dang, the spy was saying boro, maybe he was saying robo. Om recalls and says you mean they were talking about this. She says I think this has some connection with Shwetlana’s secret.

Om checks the robot and removes all cells. He sees a memory chip inside. He plays the chip. They get shocked seeing the video, of fake Shwetlana stabbing the real one and getting similar face by threatening Dr. Dang. Om says it means Shwetlana took someone else’s face. Gauri says you remember I saw Shwetlana in ice box, it means she was this girl. He says this girl was in freezer. Gauri says maybe Shwetlana is someone else. Om says maybe, how will we prove this. Gauri says by finding Shwetlana in ice box, she will be around. He asks where. The box is shown hidden.

Om sees Gauri and asks can’t she see and walk, duffer, shut up. He asks her what is she doing. She says I m going to sleep. He says you can’t sleep here. She says before you make me out of this room, I m leaving myself. He says I wish that was possible, unfortunately, Shwetlana is keeping an eye on us, you have to stay here. She says I have no problem to sleep on ground. He asks her to stop lecture. They argue.

He says I hate you, think how much will I hate you once I know everything about you. She says you think its all true, you judged me after meeting in Bareilly, you are seeing and understand what you want, if I was really that, you would have seen badness in Chulbul also, you are not seeing Chulbul’s truth in me. He says these words don’t suit you, Jhanvi Thakurain committed suicide because of you, there is no difference between you and Shwetlana, you both can do anything for money, can cheat anyone, you both just know to break house, I m not fallen like you, my mum taught me to respect women, silently sleep on bed. He sleeps on ground.

Shwetlana says Om is showing something, truth is something else, they are acting to be lovey dovey, I have to find truth. Gauri says I can’t sleep on bed. She lies beside Om on ground. Shwetlana thinks once I prove this marriage fake, I will get re-entry in this house.


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shwetlana says they will reach that table while doing pest control, they will know about real Shwetlana. Shwetlana stops Om. Gauri calls out Shwetlana. Gauri walks in, showing off her style.

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