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Dil Bole Oberoi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 17th February 2017 video watch online on

Kaali Thakur says today Gauri will dance for everyone. He says your youth can’t be priced, so if not price, then weigh, I will weigh you in gold today and you will get that gold as wedding gift from my side. The men bring the big weighting scales. Gauri thinks to bear this humiliation to save Maa, once I talk to Nahar/kid, I can free Maa from uncle and aunt. Om thinks I have seen house breakers, but seeing such shameless girl for the first time who is celebrating after breaking a house. Kaali pushes Gauri on the weigh balance. He puts gold bars. The men comment on her and laugh.

Om looks on. Kaali says all this gold is wedding gift for you. The men clap. Kaali says now my would be wife will serve drinks to everyone. Gauri nods. Kaali asks her to first serve to special guest Om. Gauri goes to Om. Om says no need. Kaali says have it, it will be have effect of drink and one serving it. Gauri asks Om to take it, Kaali will be glad. Om takes the drink.

Nahar says call came from this number. The boy asks him to call back. Gauri hides the phone in her lahenga seeing it ring, and it falls down. She tries to pick it. Kaali asks what happened. She says nothing. The men drink. Kaali asks them to sit, dance will begin. Nahar calls again.

Gauri dances on hoton me aisi baat…….. She sees the phone ringing. She sees Kaali and kicks the phone away. She dances with Kaali. Nahar keeps calling. Gauri holds Om’s hand. Om makes her away. She dances around Om to pick the phone. She slides the phone away. The dancers step over the phone. Gauri cries seeing the phone.

Kaali looks for his phone. The servant gives him phone. Kaali asks how did this break, where was it. Servant says it was outside where dance was going on. Kaali says its dead, how did this reach there. Gauri thinks how to save Maa, last hope also break. She collides with Om and falls in his arms. She apologizes. She picks his phone. He takes his phone. She asks can I get your phone, I want to make a call. He asks whom do you want to talk. She says I can’t tell you. He asks why do you do such things that you can’t say, you would want my phone to burn other house, a girl like you can’t be of one. She asks do you think such about me. Kaali comes and asks what’s talk is going on here, what were you talking with my would be wife. Gauri says I was asking time. Om says no, she was asking my phone to talk to someone.

Kaali looks at her and says I also want to know whom she wants to call. She says my friend Lajjo, I was missing her, I had to talk to her. Om says you asked me to stay till Jashan, its over, please sign the papers, I would like to leave. Kaali signs the papers. He holds Gauri’s face. He gives file to Om ad says land is yours now. Om thanks him and leaves. Kaali takes Gauri with him.

Om thinks none can say she has bad intentions behind her innocent face. Kaali pushes her on bed and scolds her. He chains her legs. Gauri cries. Kaali says till we get married, you will be chained. Ladies come and say doctor is calling. Thakurain’s health is bad. Kaali does shayari and says my wife is not leaving me, keep an eye on Gauri. He leaves. Gauri prays for her mum.

Uncle and aunt torture Gauri’s mum. Gauri’s friends come there to ask for Bhiksha. Kaali’s brother asks pandit to hurry up. Gauri gets ready as bride. She thinks how to run from here. Om talks to Shivaye and says yes, papers got signed, I m leaving. Kaali smiles seeing Gauri. He sends the ladies out. He talks to Gauri and gets close.

He hurts her and says you will get habitual to this pain, come. He holds the chain and drags her. Gauri prays for her mum and cries. Kaali wears the pagdi. He gets Gauri to the mandap. He says its your marriage, be shy like a new bride, smile. She cries. He makes her sit. He asks pandit to start. Pandit asks who will do ghatbandhan. Kaali says think she is your daughter, you have to do all rituals. Kaali and Gauri stand up. Pandit does her ghatbandhan with Kaali. Pandit asks Kaali’s brother to come. Gauri gets shocked seeing pandit doing ghatbandhan with his other brother. Pandit calls Kaali’s second brother too. He does her ghatbandhan with the second brother too. Kaali says you have good luck to get three husbands. They laugh. Gauri gets shocked.


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri tries to cut the chains. Nahar stops Kaali. Gauri hits Kaali and runs. A girl shoots an air hostess.

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