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Dil Bole Oberoi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Dil Bole Oberoi you will watch Buamaa gets pic and comments on it. Shwetlana wearing skates holds the car. Gauri sees Shwetlana in room and says how is she here. Shwetlana sees Gauri and says if Chulbul knows about fake Shwetlana, my game will get spoiled. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

Buamaa gets Shwetlana’s pic. Shwetlana holds Om’s car. Gauri sees Shwetlana in room and says how is she here. Shwetlana says if Chulbul knows about fake Shwetlana, my game will spoil. She says enough now, I think I have to show you my real avatar. Gauri gets tensed. Some time before, Shwetlana says if they reach before me, they will get the photo, I removed photo from frame, but its still in drawer, I can’t let this happen. A boy asks her will you help me in wearing skates, please aunty. She says sure, I will help, you called me aunty, which I did not like, come here. She wears the skates and holds Om’s car. Haye haye mirchi……plays……….

Tej walks in living room. The photo gets off his shoe. Buamaa talking on phone comes there. She gets the photo. She asks servant whose photo is this. He says none from staff. She says if anyone asks about photo, say its with me. She goes. Om reaches home. Shwetlana stops outside. Om stops the car. He asks Gauri to go to Shwetlana’s room and get photo, hurry up move. Shwetlana sees herself in glasses and says oh God Daayan…. its me. Its because of Om and Chulbul, I will take revenge, but first I need that photo.

Gauri sees Shwetlana and says how is she here, she was there. She recalls seeing Shwetlana. She says I have come…. Shwetlana climbs near window and gets shocked seeing Gauri in room. Gauri says I had to take oil from your drawer, shall I take. Shwetlana says if Chulbul knows about fake Shwetlana, my game will spoil, I have to do something. Gauri goes to hold unconscious Shwetlana. Shwetlana says can’t you see I m meditating, you idiot, leave from here. Gauri says you are saying without moving, how do you do this, what are you doing. Shwetlana says I m doing Dhyan. Gauri asks one that yogi does, say Om, your sins will be washed. Shwetlana says shut up, go. Gauri says do dhyaan well. Gauri murmurs her eyes are closed, I will use this chance. Shwetlana says thief, he is cheating me, I will show him. Gauri checks drawer.

Shwetlana enters room. She pulls the unconscious Shwetlana and hides. She sees her hand and worries that Chulbul will see. She covers the hand. She rests there. Gauri sees her and says clothes changed, I think yesterday’s drunkenness did not get off till now. She looks for photo. Shwetlana gets up and comes to her. She asks what are you doing here. She shuts drawer. She asks what were you taking from my drawer, I told you to leave from room, how dare you touch my things without my permission, were you stealing. Gauri says no, I m not thief.

Shwetlana shouts enough, I thought you are idiot, but will be sincere in work, you are clever, you did not do work and checking my room, I think I have to show you my real avatar. She gets the scissors.

Gauri gets tensed. Om comes and says Chulbul…… where are agreement papers, I want prenup documents, I had to show lawyers, so I had send Chulbul here. Shwetlana says he did not tell me anything. He winks to Gauri and says Chulbul did you not tell Shwetlana that I want prenup documents. Gauri thinks why is he winking eye to me. She says Madam was doing Dhyaan, so I could not say. Shwetlana says when I m asking you since long, why did you not say you want agreement. She says he was checking my drawer. Gauri says I don’t know that work, I forgot to say. Shwetlana argues.

She says I don’t have that agreement, its in locker, I will get it for you. Om says fine, make it quick, Chulbul move. Gauri goes with Om. Shwetlana thinks Om is not so foolish as I thought, he did not let me get file and saved Chulbul, I hired him and he is cheating me, I can’t tolerate cheat, I will teach a lesson to Chulbul, I have to first destroy the photo.

Om says you are foolish, I came to save you and you were saying woh woh…. Gauri says how would I know you came to save me. Om holds her and says who has sent you inside. Gauri says you. Om says then who will save you. Gauri asks how did you know I got caught. Om says I was standing outside. I saw everything, Shwetlana caught you so I came to save you, duffer. She says yes, whenever I m in problem, you come to save me. He asks what do you mean. She thinks of Om saving her life. Ajnabi mujhko….plays………..

Om asks when did I save you before. Gauri thinks you saved me from goat, you got my pants too. Om says photo, where is it. Gauri says I did not get it, it wasn’t there. Shwetlana checks drawer. She says where did that photo go, it was here, if Chulbul did not get it, where did it go, it will be problem, Shwetlana’s secret will open up, I can’t let this happen, this fake Shwetlana troubled me, she is not leaving me even after her death. She says stress is harmful for my skin, calm down, lets focus on things one by one, first I will keep this dead Shwetlana back and then concentrate on photo. She gets food trolley and puts her inside.

Buamaa asks servants whose photo is this, will anyone say. Om asks are you sure you saw photo there. Gauri says yes, I m sure. He asks did you see by 4 eyes. Gauri asks what. Om says 4 eyes, means this. Gauri says I was wearing glasses, S was written on photo. Om says it means Shwetlana had doubt and disappeared the photo. Gauri recalls Shwetlana. She says there is one place, from where we can know about Shwetlana, the secret passage in your room has an ice box, Shwetlana goes there and lies in that ice box. Om asks did you drink bhaang, what are you saying, are you mad. Gauri says I have really seen it with glasses on. Servant sees Shwetlana taking trolley. Hand is seen falling out. Shwetlana asks what are you seeing, go and get coffee for me in my room. She covers hand and takes trolley to Om’s room. Om says freezer in my room. Gauri says not in room, in secret passage below room. Om says I don’t like jokes. Gauri says how can I dare to joke being servant, come I will show.


Dil Bole Oberoi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Om and Gauri jump down in secret passage. Shwetlana says if Chulbul and Om see me here, my entire game will end, I have to do something.

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