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Dil Bole Oberoi 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri gets a shock seeing three grooms. She shouts how can this happen, I will not do this marriage. Kaali pulls the chains and make her fall down. Om says where did the keys go, I think it fell down in haveli. Om tells servant that he has to go back to haveli. Kaali says I have always shared everything with my brother, what do you want, shall I leave them behind and break my house, a girl is one who joins house, you will join my house. She says never and cries. Om is on the way back to haveli. Kaali says you can’t imagine what will happen of your mum, you have to marry three of us. She says no. He says mahurat is passing, and takes her to mandap.

Rudra talks to Chubby on phone. He says I got invitation via Shivaye. Chubby asks are you coming in Nandini and Aditya’s engagement. Rudra says yes. Chubby asks him about coming with someone. Rudra says you know what happened between me and Soumya, did you invite her. Chubby promises that he will not invite Soumya. Chubby calls Soumya and asks did you get invitation. She says yes, but I can’t come, say sorry to Nandini from my side. Chubby asks why, Rudra is not coming, please come. She says okay then I will be there. He asks her to come on time. He says plan got successful.

Uncle asks what do you want. The boy says I will take what I want. He fills the house with smoke. Aunt coughs. Nahar kicks uncle. Uncle asks the boys who are you. The kids are dressed as superheroes and asks uncle to catch them. They free Gauri’s mum. They make uncle and aunt fall down and tie them up. They take Gauri’s mum along.

Gauri takes the round with Kaali and his brothers. Om enters the haveli and says if I go inside, I have to see her face again. He asks servant about the car keys. The servant asks him to wait, he will get it. He gives the car keys to Om. Om thanks him and stops. Gauri cries and is dragged to take rounds. Om leaves.

Nahar comes there and calls out Gauri. Kaali asks who is he, do you know him. Nahar says I m her namesake brother, I will attend her marriage and leave. Kaali says fine, let him come, he is a kid. Rudra is at airport. Music plays. A girl sees Nandini and Aditya’s engagement board. She touches Aditya’s name and goes ahead. Nahar asks Kaali can I hug Gauri, its my request. Kaali nods. Nahar hugs Gauri and says your mum is fine, my friends dropped her to bus stop. He gives her something in hand. She hides it.

Kaali’s brother says havan kund fire got cooled down. He asks pandit to light fire. Nahar asks her to put it. Gauri puts the packet in the fire. The smoke spreads in mandap. They all cough and rub eyes. Gauri and Nahar run away.

Kaali asks them to catch Gauri. Nandini meets Rudra and hugs him. He says behave, you are getting marriage. He jokes. He meets Aditya Veer, Nandini’s boyfriend. She says he is my would be husband. The girl looks on and hurts her hand angrily. Rudra says I m Rudra Singh Oberoi. Aditya gets a call and goes. Nandini asks Rudra about Soumya. Rudra says there is no one. She calls Chubby. Chubby says Rudra has come, I m waiting for Soumya. Soumya comes there. The flight attendant says we are not lucky, we have to do service in plane, we won’t enjoy the royal engagement in plane. The girl says you would be not going in the chartered plane. She shoots the flight attendant and says mid air engagement, Aditya you like to go up, now see how I make you all reach up.

Gauri and Nahar come out. She sees an axe stuck in tree. She sits to cut the chains. Kaali says I think I have to do this auspicious thing, you like to run way, let’s cut your legs along with chains. Gauri gets shocked. She hits the chains and cries. The chains break. Nahar keeps a stick in Kaali’s way and makes him fall. Kaali gets angry and holds Nahar’s neck. Gauri says leave him. She shouts and hits on Kaali with the axe. His cheek gets injured. Gauri and Nahar run away. Nandini asks Rudra to come fast. Chubby sees Soumya and Rudra. He says Rudra and Soumya should not meet before take off, else they will go away, my plan to unite them will fail, what to do. He slides a trolley towards Rudra. Rudra sits down. Soumya walks ahead.

Gauri and Nahar run on the road. Kaali asks the men to find Gauri. Inspector says you have to come with us, Jhanvi died in hospital, its police case. Kaali says what shall I do if she died, change the case. Inspector says its not easy, she left a suicide note and blamed you for her death, do something else you have to go jail. Gauri and Nahar meet the kids. She asks them to go else they will fall in problem. Nahar says don’t worry for us, take this train ticket, go to your mum. Gauri hugs all of them and says we will meet soon. She runs ahead.

Kaali says I m being framed. Gauri did this, she was after me, asking me to marry her, I told her I can’t eave Thakurain, she provoked Thakurain against me and made her write letter, then she burnt Thakurani, she acted to marry me, she was after my money, today she has run away with money and jewelry. Gauri reaches the train station and runs to board the train. She sees Kaali’s men and hides. She sees the arriving train and runs. She gets inside the train. Kaali says I will make Gauri pay for this, she will not be spared now. Om is about to board the same train.

Gauri says I will not wish to see your face. Om says even I don’t want to see your face. Gauri runs from Kaali’s men and shouts Omkara. She stumbles and falls over Om. Om loses balance and they are about to fall in the river, down the train bridge. Om holds the train’s passage door.

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