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Dil Bole Oberoi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Dil Bole Oberoi you will watch Om and Gauri jump down in secret passage. Shwetlana says if Chulbul and Om see me here, my entire game will end, I have to do something. Stay Tune with us .

Om and Gauri enter the secret passage. They see something. Some time before, Shwetlana opens the secret door. She jumps inside. Gauri says come, Shwetlana goes down from here. Om steps on the tiles and asks from here. She says yes. Shwetlana rotates lever. Gauri says these tiles open. Om says you mean tiles. Gauri says yes, then there is a way down. Om asks how does this open. Gauri says I m recalling, yes, by shifting this, I just saw once, I don’t remember well, it opened that time. She tries. Shwetlana smiles seeing the unconscious one. Gauri says it will open. Om says not that one. Gauri asks what. Om rotates the lamp and door opens. Shwetlana puts the unconscious one inside the ice box. She hears the sound and sees lights flickering. She says how did lever get press, I think someone pressed it from above, it means someone else knows about this secret passage, what to do now.

Gauri asks did you know this. Om says of course, whose house is this. Gauri says yours. He says won’t I know, my Dada ji made this secret passage and my Dadi has told all of us about it. Shwetlana says I think my secret will come out, everything is finished. Om asks what now. Gauri says we have to go down by jumping. Om asks are you sure, do you feel scared. He holds Gauri towards the passage door. Gauri says no. Om holds her. Om says I will count till three, ready. He counts and they jump down. Shwetlana hides. Om says there is nothing here. Gauri says how can this happen, there was the ice box here, in which Shwetlana lied. He asks are you sure. She says yes, sure, I followed her. She says it was here and evaluates the space. She collides with mirror and says it was not there that day. Om says its not seen, its for illusion, you collided with this and got to know about this. Gauri asks what’s on other side of this mirror.

He says wall. She says then where did the ice box go. Shwetlana looks at them, and says thank God I knew about this secret place, if they saw me, my and fake Shwetlana’s story would have ended. Gauri says I m not thinking so. Om says its fine, maybe Shwetlana came for her beauty treatment, she may have removed freezer, we came to find clue, did we get anything, no, we shall leave. Gauri says we will stay for some time. Shwetlana says if Om is asking Chulbul to come, why is he not going, move, how did he know about this, maybe he followed me and got Om here, cheater, see what I do with you. Om goes. Gauri and Shwetlana touch the mirror. Shwetlana says boom and smiles. Gauri goes.

Buamaa says we got this photo in this house, and none knows, we asked all staff. Jhanvi says we did not ask one staff person. Buamaa says you mean that Chulbul. Jhanvi says yes, but I was talking about Ramesh. Buamaa says just call them. Shwetlana comes up and says I got saved, I have to find that photo soon. She hears servants talking about photo. She asks do you get salary to gossip. They say no, we are talking about the photo. She asks which photo. The servant says Buamaa got a photo and was asking us. Shwetlana thinks it means Buamaa has the photo. She stops Ramesh and says go and get water for me, I will talk to Buamaa. She says Buamaa has the photo, if Om gets it, it will be big problem, I have to get it.

Om talks on call and says yes, I went to Panchgani, but before I met father, he was killed. The man says I think he was murdered by Shwetlana, she has a reason. Om says I know its small thing for her to kill anyone, but I have seen her at home when I was leaving. The man says maybe she has hired someone. Om asks him to find out. Om goes. Gauri thinks what to do, I can’t see him worried, and not able to help him, I wish I could help him.

Gauri says sorry. Om asks why. Gauri says we did not get photo, its my mistake to give you hope and not finding photo. Om says its okay. Gauri says you tried a lot, Lord will help, he will show some way. He says I don’t believe in Lord. She says I know, but you believe elders right, when one door gets shut, other opens. Om says all doors got shut for me. Gauri says then break it, like you broke in Panchgani, hero style. She throws candy and eats it. Servant asks about Shwetlana. Om says we don’t know, why are you asking us. Servant says she was here some time before. Om asks outside my room. Servant says yes. Om goes to his room to check. Gauri asks did she ask you to get water here. Servant says I was going to see photo in Buamaa’s room. Gauri asks what, photo, fine go. Om says she is not in my room. Gauri says how will she be here, none knows when she comes and goes, come with me, we have to find photo, I know where is it. Om asks where. She says Buamaa, she has photo, even Shwetlana knows Buamaa has photo, before she reaches, we have to go, come. They rush.

Shwetlana in disguise comes to Buamaa and says I m Ramesh’s mum. Buamaa asks who Ramesh. Shwetlana says you called him for photo. Buamaa murmurs seeing her ghunghat. She talks to her about her clothes. Shwetlana covers herself. Buamaa says I understand everything, Ramesh is lazy, he is still out, does he work outside or in our house. Shwetlana says forgive him, that photo.. Buamaa says you know whose photo is it. Shwetlana says yes, she is my daughter. Buamaa asks what’s this photo doing in our house. Shwetlana says I gave this photo to Ramesh to put garland on it, my daughter died 2 years ago. Buamaa says oh, its bad. Shwetlana says I just have this photo, its good you got this photo and kept this safe. Buamaa says its okay, take it, do you always keep big ghunghat. Shwetlana says yes. Buamaa says one who has black heart does such big ghunghat, why are you keeping big ghunghat in this age. Shwetlana says its tradition in my community. Buamaa says fine, go. Shwetlana thanks her. She starts leaving and her saree gets stuck. The photo falls. She covers it up. Buamaa looks on.

Dil Bole Oberoi 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shwetlana says they did not get my photo and could not find my secret, I will show them. She feeds cake to Om and Chulbul. Gauri sees something in cake. Shwetlana says I m sure you liked it, special cake for special Chulbul.

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