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Dil Bole Oberoi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gauri says I have seen locket in Shwetlana’s neck, I feel there is some secret in it. Jhanvi asks how will we take the locket. Gauri says I have an idea. Om keeps the bag in Shwetlana room and runs. Shwetlana gets troubled by bees. They hear her scream and laugh. Some time before, Gauri shows off her Dabangg style. She throws the candy on Shwetlana’s forehead. Candy flies back to Gauri. Gauri eats the candy. Buamaa and Jhanvi get surprised and smile. Shwetlana goes to Gauri and asks what nonsense is this, be in your limits. Gauri says its better if you don’t talk of status, else you will be insulted. Shwetlana asks her to shut up. Gauri says you shut up, I m not your servant Chulbul, I m the bahu of this house, so listen to us. Buamaa says she is Gauri. Jhanvi says our bahu. Gauri asks Shwetlana to pack bags, as she will kick her out of house. Buamaa says lady Salman. Shwetlana asks what the hell is this Om. Gauri asks her to talk with manners, Om is my husband. She says I will slap you and get you stuck on the walls. Shwetlana asks who are you to command me. Om says this house’s owner.

Om says she is my wife, Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi. Saathiya…..plays…. Gauri looks at him. He holds her. Shwetlana looks at them. Buamaa and Jhanvi smile. Om asks Shwetlana to pack her bags, you have to leave. Shwetlana says this won’t happen. Gauri says this will happen, this is our promise. She holds Om’s hand. Shwetlana gets angry seeing them and goes.

Om and Gauri see each other. Buamaa claps and asks what was that. Om leaves Gauri’s hand. Gauri says my Dabangg style. Buamaa says it was really fantastic. Jhanvi asks why did you not show this avatra before. Gauri says I was Chulbul before. Shwetlana asks men to leave, she does not want pest control. The man says Om called us. She asks them to just leave. Shwetlana says I think I have to teach a lesson to Om and Gauri. Buamaa praises Om and Gauri. Om says we have to think how to make Shwetlana leave, we have to find freezer.

Buamaa asks Om to listen to Gauri. Gauri says I have seen locket in Shwetlana’s neck, I feel there is some secret hidden in it. Om says your mind got mad, this is not film, its real life. Gauri asks why, if robot can have chip, Shwetlana can hide her chip in locket, maybe she has all evidence against our family. He says wait, its my family, not ours. Buamaa says she is also Oberoi now. Jhanvi asks how will we take the locket. Gauri says the question is who will get the bell from cat’s neck. They see Shwetlana sleeping. Buamaa asks Gauri to go. Om says no need, she will spoil the work. Buamaa says I can’t stand her face, if I slap her. Om says this is wrong, you guys are not helping me. Buamaa and Jhanvi ask them to take Gauri’s help. He says let it be, I will see. Om enters the room and goes to Shwetlana. He sees the locket in her neck. He tries to take the locket. Shwetlana wakes up and holds his hand. They all get shocked. Shwetlana gets up and looks straight. Om checks her. Buamaa asks Om to come. Om signs she is sleepwalking. Shwetlana gets down the bed and sleepwalks. Jhanvi asks is she walking in sleep. Om tries to get the locket. Buamaa signs him. They move aside. Shwetlana goes out.

Om asks what shall we do now, I was so close, good chance is missed. Buamaa says its okay, look at the bright side, if Shwetlana saw you, she would have hidden locket. Jhanvi says yes, one day is over, we just have one day now. Gauri says I have an idea. Om asks her to let it be. Gauri asks him to say his idea. She asks him to listen once. He asks her to shut up. Buamaa asks him to hear her. Om says I don’t want to hear. Buamaa says fine, tell me your idea. Gauri says he will say if he has. Om asks what. Gauri says nothing. Om asks her to say her idea. Gauri asks them to come close. She holds Om’s hand. He shoos her hand away. She tells her idea to them. Buamaa and Jhanvi like her idea and agree. Om asks how much time. Gauri gets the bag and gives Om. Om says disgusting, just you can get such idea. Gauri says atleast I got the idea. Om says see she is such by Buamaa and Jhanvi’s support. Gauri says you are jealous of me. Om says I m not jealous of anyone. They argue. Buamaa asks them to keep quiet, don’t fight, chill relax, let’s just focus, how did you get this. Gauri says from the tree in lawn. Om calls her monkey. Buamaa asks did you climb on that tree. Gauri says yes, everyone calls me Dabangg Gauri. Om asks for bag. Om takes the bag. Gauri wishes him all the best.

Om goes and keeps the bag in Shwetlana’s room. He opens the bag and runs out. The honey bees spread in the room. Om says done. Shwetlana screams and shouts for help. Om says I think I should go now. Shwetlana shouts. Om goes to her and sees the bees. He asks how did this honey bees come. She says I don’t know, help me. He covers himself in a sheet and goes to her. He covers her and says relax, are you fine, look at your state, I will get repellant, stay here. He takes the locket from her neck. He comes out and shows the locket to everyone. They smile.


Dil Bole Oberoi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri says Shwetlana is not real Shwetlana, she has hidden real Shwetlana in ice box, it will need current. Om goes and shuts the power. Everyone scatter and look for real Shwetlana.

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