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Dil Bole Oberoi 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri gets shocked seeing Om. Om says you….. The people take flowers in a curtain. The rose petals fall over Gauri and Om. Some time before, Gauri tells Dandy on call that she did not get job even after becoming a guy, I have belief in Lord. She ends call. Shwetlana calls her out. Gauri says yes Sultana ji, say. Shwetlana says don’t spoil my name, call me madam, do you want this job, I give it to you. Gauri gets glad and says thanks, I will do anything.

Shwetlana says fine, you have to keep an eye on my would be husband, what he does, where he goes, on his every move. Gauri says sorry, I don’t do this. Shwetlana says think, you will get 3 months advance salary. Gauri says I can’t spy, I came to do servant’s work, even you should not do this, relation is not made on doubt. Shwetlana says shut up, tell me if you want to do job or not. Gauri says keep someone else, its against my principles. She goes.

Shwetlana says stupid servant, he was giving lecture. She sees a man and says who is this man, why did he go to Om’s room, I have to find out. Rudra says Bhabhi…. She stops and turns to see him. She asks did you call me Bhabhi. He says its fine you got shocked, but I m shocked while saying it, what can I do, Om is marrying you, so I have to call you Bhabhi, our family tree will get complicated after you come, you were Papa’s mistress and now you are marrying his son, what will you call Papa, Papa? Strange right, I have decided to call you Bhabhi, Om always asks me to grow up, I know you are so fallen, even then I m talking with manners, can there be any bigger proof. He crushes the rose. She also crushes the rose and says I would have got angry if anyone else said this, but you are very cute, so I m not angry. He says thanks, its my duty to help you being a Devar, I can’t promise, but call me, you may have heard my name Rudy. He throws the flower and goes. She says how did rude Rudy boy get sweet, something is wrong. She goes to see. She sees Om talking to someone. He says these three brothers are cooking something, I want someone to spy on them.

Gauri gets her friend’s call. Gauri asks about her mum. Her friend says she is getting blood vomits, she has TB, send money for her treatment. Gauri cries and says start her treatment, I will send money. She ends call and asks Lord to say how to arrange money. She thinks of Shwetlana’s words. She goes back.

Shwetlana says its done, three months advance salary is gone to your bank account. Gauri thanks her. Shwetlana says you know what you have to do. Gauri says yes. Shwetlana says good and goes to Om. She says I don’t like that servant, I m hiring him just for you. Om asks where is he, I want to meet him. Shwetlana says I will get him and goes, thinking Om would feel I agreed to him and kept that servant, it was my plan, I tampered gas knobs so that Jhanvi’s accident happens, I knew that Chulbul will do something that Om gets impressed and asks me to hire him, now Chulbul will keep an eye on Om and Om will not doubt. She asks Gauri to come and meet someone. Gauri gets shocked seeing Om.

She gets back in shock. Saathiya….plays………….She thinks of her marriage with Om. Om walks to her. Servant says madam asked for sheet and flowers fast. Gauri gets tearful eyes thinking of Om’s words. Om and Gauri see each other. Servant gets Shiv idol. The trishul hits the cloth and makes rose petals fall on Om and Gauri. Ajnabi mujhko itna bata……plays………..

Gauri wipes her tears. Om says you…. Gauri thinks he has identified me. He says you are the one who threw water on my mom, I must say, your presence of mind is very sharp, mom’s infection got away, thanks. He pats her shoulder and goes. Saathiya….plays………

Gauri cries and goes out. She asks Lord did he just get this nest for this bird, Om stays here, you got me in front of him, I promised to keep the relation, but alone, I will not force myself on Om, you tell me how to keep this promise staying under one roof, I can’t stay here, I can’t do this job, I will tell Shwetlana that I can’t do this job, and she keeps someone else to spy on her fiance. Shwetlana comes and asks her to come. Gauri says I can’t do this job, sorry. Shwetlana says what do you mean, you were begging for it, is this a joke, is there professionalism or not. Gauri says I m helpless, I can’t work. Shwetlana says you did not think before taking 3 months advance, I have put money in your account, you have to do this job for 3 months, my courier will come, keep it, I m going out. Gauri agrees. Shwetlana leaves. Gauri says madam ji, you will not understand my helplessness. She prays to Lord that she does not go infront of Om.

Om talks to Rudra and says be careful, Shwetlana should not come. Rudra says Agent Rudy is with you, I will inform you if she comes. Om checks cupboards, drawers… He asks Rudra not to joke, let me do work, and find out about Shwetlana, just make sure she does not come. Rudra says what do we have to do knowing her past, I think she was dancer, how she danced with Anika on table on Naagin song. Om asks him to shut up. Rudra gets his girlfriend’s call and says I remember, we will meet in evening. Om says just make sure she does not come. Rudra says she is coming, I m meeting her for coffee. Om says just be careful Shwetlana does not come inside. Rudra asks who Shwetlana. Om says Rudra…. Rudra says oh, our Shwetlana.. Om says focus. He gets a file and gets some papers. Rudra talks to his girlfriend. Shwetlana walks to her room. Rudra does not see her. Om does not shut drawer well.

Shwetlana enters the room. Om hides behind the partition. She sees the drawer open and goes to shut it. She walks to Om’s side and knocks on the wooden partition. Om worries. She smiles.

Dil Bole Oberoi 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Shwetlana says Om, you try your best, I will never let you reach my secret. Gauri screams seeing rats and shouts for help. Shwetlana says laddoo and rats did their work.

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