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Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kaali asks groom to come. Tej comes. Kaali says Om’s your dad’s marriage is today. Gauri and Rudra dance on yamma yamma….. Some time before, Kaali reminds Om his words, and says now house, game and moves are not yours, play that game where there is a chance to get saved, I forgot to make you meet Jango, he is hungry since 3 months, just for you. Om says the man who has seen his mum dying every day is not scared of death. Kaali says Shravan Kumar, great, death can’t make you weak, but mum’s tears can weaken you. Om gets angry. Kaali says I thought you are smart, but you are foolish, did you think I will come here to sign deal, deal is signed long time ago, I came here so that you come after me, you are brought here, so that you can see that before dying, that you don’t want to see, your mum’s destruction, Om shouts Kaali. Kaali asks him not to shout, save your anger.

Kaali’s men hear crying sound and go to see. They ask why are you crying. Buamaa says he has beaten me. They turn to see. She beats them. She takes their guns. Kaali asks won’t you ask what will happen here. Jhanvi says leave me, where are you taking me. Om says mom…. The man says we got this woman outside. Jhanvi asks why did you cage my son, where is Tej. Kaali asks her to calm down. Om says Kaali, if anything happens to my mum, I will kill you. Kaali says save your life first, strange we are writing her life’s ruining story, it will be fun. Jhanvi asks why are you doing this. Kaali says I did not do anything, real game will begin now. He asks groom to come. Tej comes. Kaali asks how did you like my surprise, congrats its Tej’s marriage today, I m getting this marriage done right here, right now. Om gets shocked.

Kaali says wife or land, both father and son have same choice, I heard your conversation that day, I understood Om’s weakness is his mum, and Tej’s weakness is Shwetlana, so I played this deal trick, even Shwetlana got trapped. He asks someone to get Tej’s bride. The men get Shwetlana. Shwetlana says leave me, I don’t want to do this marriage. Kaali says leave her, she is saying she has to do marriage right. He holds her and says I will tell everyone, whose face is there behind this face, will do marriage or not, go and prepare for marriage. Shwetlana goes. Kaali goes to Tej and says she was worried about her dress, she will come. Jhanvi asks Tej did he get mad, our son is close to death, and he is thinking of marriage. Tej says not our son, your son, he never did a son’s duty, why shall I do father’s duty, Om is responsible for all this, what did Om think, he can win this game by snatching Shwetlana, he did not understand simple thing, father is always a father, I got the deal and Shwetlana too.

Om shouts. Tej says shout, you can’t do anything else, I have a suggestion, you should beg for your life. Om says I just worry for Jhanvi’s life, not mine. Tej says she will see my marriage and die today. Om asks him to mind his tongue. Jhanvi says Tej please leave Om, I m ready to die. Om says mom, stop it, you won’t do anything. Kaali says don’t worry, I m there to fulfill your last wish. He gets a chamber of chemical. He asks her to jump in chemical if she wants to die, but lets have some entertainment first, its marriage, some celebrations should be there.

The dancers come. Gauri and Rudra dance with them. Yamma yamma …..plays……. Gauri goes to Om and shows the candy. Om recalls Chulbul. Rudra signs Jhanvi and smiles. FB shows Rudra trying to reach Om. He says we can still reach Om by GPS. Gauri asks what. Rudra says Shivaye has put app in our phone to track each other, I will track Om now. He tracks Om. Gauri and Rudra catch two dancers and take disguise. Kaali and Tej drink. Gauri sees Kaali dropping the keys. She picks the keys. Om looks on. Kaali steps on her hand. He moves his foot. Gauri goes and dances with Rudra. She throws the keys to Om. Om tries to open the lock. Kaali says I thought I m much mean, but you are my father in wrong deeds, you are risking your real son for getting a wife. Tej says I want to share a secret, Shwetlana is my weakness, I m ready to do anything for my weakness, I want our pheras to happen fast. They laugh. Jhanvi calls out Tej and points gun at him. She recalls taking gun from Kaali’s man. Kaali and Tej get shocked.

Jhanvi says pheras will happen when you are alive. Tej says lower the gun Jhanvi, this is not a toy, you are not in senses. Om shouts mom, stop, no….. Kaali lifts the gun when she shoots. He takes the gun and asks her to keep peace. Tej slaps Jhanvi. She falls down and cries. Om shouts.

Rudra holds Jhanvi. Om asks how dare you touch my mum. Kaali says what do you mean, he is your dad. Gauri goes and hides. Rudra stops Tej. The men catch Rudra. Kaali says leave him, and pulls his fake beard. He says entire family came as baraati to see father’s marriage. Tej asks why did you come here. Rudra says today I understood why Om does not call you Papa, you don’t deserve to be called a father. Tej says shut up, mind your language. Kaali asks where is the other dancer, go and find him. Om looks around.


Dil Bole Oberoi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaali aims gun at Gauri, and says you have lean body, you can die in one slap, look at your courage, you came to kill me. Gauri removes her wig, cap and specs. Kaali says Gauri. She says Savitri has fought with Yamraj in that yug, and will fight in this yug too.

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