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Dil Bole Oberoi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gauri cries and says I can never become a mum. Buamaa says you are useless, you are a Baanch. She pushes her in the pool. Some time before, Buamaa sees Gauri and smiles. Rudra shouts Bhavya. He says where did she go, maybe she is in some problem. Gauri makes tea for Buamaa. Gauri yawns. Buamaa asks what’s the matter, you look tired, tell me what happened, where is Om. Gauri says he is sleeping. Buamaa says he never sleeps in day time, is there anything special. Gauri says something happened to him, I saw he such avatar for the first time, he was getting romantic. Buamaa says your distance is getting less. She thinks my formula is working. She says next year little Om will play at home. Gauri says no, this can’t happen. Buamaa asks why. Gauri cries and says because I know, I can never become a mum. Buamaa asks what nonsense are you saying, tell me its a lie. Gauri says I wish this was a lie, but its true, an incident happened with me in childhood, I can never conceive. She goes. Buamaa says how will my Ratan come back if she can’t conceive, this girl is lying, Lord can’t joke with me.

She sees Gauri talking on phone with a doctor/Dandy. Gauri asks can’t there be any treatment, I will always wish to hear Maa word in my life, I can never forgive myself. Buamaa holds her head. Gauri cries and goes. Buamaa sees her mobile and calls back on the number. Dandy lies to Buamaa and says we are doctors, not Lord, we don’t have cure of all the diseases. Buamaa gets shocked. He calls Gauri and says work is done. She thanks him. Buamaa says I have to make Gauri out of Om’s life, so that someone else comes in his life and then Ratan will come. Gauri thinks Buamaa will try to make me out of my way, I m mad to call Durandhar to stop her, who will bear her for 3 months, I will move her off my way today. Gauri hears this and goes.

Rudra talks to commissioner and says Bhavya went missing. Commissioner says maybe Sultan’s man is after you and Bhavya, not that guy who got shot, your life has risk, go home, do as I say. Buamaa looks for Gauri. Gauri sees her coming and calls Om.

Gauri asks do you want something. Buamaa says you are useless, you can’t give me what I want, don’t act. Om looks for his phone. He sees Gauri’s incoming call and recalls her words. Her call disconnects before he answers. He gets Rudra’s call and answers. Buamaa says you ruined my hardwork. Gauri asks what are you saying, did I do any mistake.

Buamaa says I thought you and Om will give me my Ratan, then I would clear that misunderstanding. Gauri asks what. Om says what, how can you lose Bhavya. Buamaa says Om is mistaken about you, so he runs away, you told him you agreed to Kaali to save me, Om asked me whether I m in Bareilly, I said no. Gauri checks the call and hides phone. Buamaa says you said true to him, I lied to him, you know why I did this, I m a smart girl, you have to go now. Om thinks why is Gauri calling so many times and calls her back. Buamaa pushes her in the pool. Om stands at the window. Buamaa asks Gauri to sink. Om says she is not answering. Gauri shouts for help. Buamaa steps in the pool and dips her head in the water. She says tell me how will Ratan come now, you have to die, Ratan and I have to punish Om. Gauri pushes Buamaa away. Om sees Gauri pushing Buamaa and drops the phone. He shouts stop, how dare you…. He runs out of the room and does not see Buamaa sinking Gauri. He slips and gets hurt. He rolls down the stairs. Jhanvi sees him and shouts Om. She asks him to open eyes and calls Dadi. Dadi shouts for help. Buamaa hears them. She comes there and sees Om injured. Dadi cries. Gauri hears them and comes there. Gauri gets shocked and shouts Omkara ji. Her marriage rituals is shown in reverse.


Dil Bole Oberoi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri takes a medicine from Shwetlana. Shwetlana says its an experimental drug, it will save your husband’s life. Gauri asks the price. Shwetlana says I will take it when time comes, go and save his life. She removes the mask and smiles.

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