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Dil Bole Oberoi 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Dil Bole Oberoi you will watch Shwetlana says they did not get my photo and could not find my secret, I will show them. She feeds cake to Om and Chulbul. Gauri sees something in cake. Shwetlana says I m sure you liked it, special cake for special Chulbul.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

Shwetlana keeps knife at Gauri’s neck. She says you are crossing over me, you don’t know what I can do with you. Gauri says now I know what you can do. Some time before, Gauri says I know where is the photo, its with Buamaa, Shwetlana also knows, before she goes, we have to go. Om and Gauri rush. Shwetlana meets Buamaa as Ramesh’s mum. Om asks Tej to move, he has imp work. Tej says even I have imp work. Om asks what’s this.

Tej says you can try to force Jhanvi on me, I will not change my decision, these are some legal documents. Shwetlana drops the photo. She bends to cover it. Buamaa asks why are you bending. Shwetlana says I m greeting Dharti Maa, as I got photo here. She goes. Tej asks Om to read it. Om says I will read later. I have imp work. He rushes to Buamaa and says I got to know you have some photo, where is it. She says yes, I got it, I gave it to a woman. He asks who. She says Ramesh’s mum. Gauri says but Ramesh has no mum, he stays alone.

Buamaa asks what, she tricked me. Om asks how did she look. Buamaa says she was tall and had big ghunghat, she said its her tradition, what happened. Om says we need to find her. Gauri says ghunghat clad woman. Om asks servants and rushes.

Shwetlana sees the photo and cuts it. She says what’s that secret which does not stay a secret, sorry Om I don’t have habit to lose. She takes the photo pieces and adds milk in it. She jokes on Om and Gauri. She says they did not get photo and could not find secret, they got enmity with me, see what I do now.

Buamaa asks what’s the matter. Om says that photo was imp, I can’t tell you, now it went to someone else. Shwetlana comes and claps. She asks why are you all so upset. Om says a culprit escaped from our hands. Shwetlana gets the cake. She says try next time, your chances are less, as thorn is removed by thorn, to catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal, you are so straight that anyone can fool you. Buamaa gets angry. Shwetlana says I was just kidding, anyways Om, I like you the way you are, see I made this cake by my hands, I will feel good if you all tell me how is this cake.

Buamaa gets annoyed. Shwetlana says come on Om. Om says not interested. Buamaa says whenever you make a cake, something wrong happens. Shwetlana asks Om to come. Om says I said no. She asks why. Buamaa says what do you mean why, his mood is upset, his day is bad. Shwetlana says but my dad is good, with whom will I celebrate my happiness, come on, for my sake. She takes Om and they cut the cake.

She asks him to have it and say how is it. Buamaa goes. Shwetlana stops Gauri and asks where are you going. Gauri says I m going as I have no work here. Shwetlana says you are special for Om, so you are special for me too, I will feed you this cake. Gauri refuses. Shwetlana feeds her and says special cake for special Chulbul.

Gauri sees the photo part in cake and recalls the photo. Shwetlana says I m sure you liked it. Gauri says this has…. Shwetlana feeds cake to her.

Its night, Shwetlana goes to Gauri and asks how was your Panchgani trip. She says I told you to go with Om and get info, its fine, tell me everything, come on. She thinks you are gone Chulbul, you will die if you say truth, you will definitely die if you lie. Gauri says you are misunderstanding me. Shwetlana keeps knife at her neck. She says if you don’t say me truth then… Gauri asks what. Shwetlana says its not easy to fool me, I got you in this house, I gave you job and three months advance salary, you are crossing over me, you don’t know what all I can do with you. Gauri says now I know what you can do. Shwetlana says I can behead you, none knows from where Chulbul came and went. Gauri thinks this mad woman has ghost on her head, think something fast. Shwetlana asks why are you supporting Om.

Gauri says I m doing what you told, you told me to become Om’s left arm by acting, winning his trust, I was doing your work. Shwetlana says don’t lie. Gauri says I m not lying, you scolded me when I saved his mum, I knew I had to win Om’s trust, so I stay with him so that he trusts me. Shwetlana asks then why did you not give me any info. Gauri says I m going to say, but did not get time.

Shwetlana says its not easy to fool me. Gauri says if I was not with you, I would have told Om that you came Panchgani after us. Shwetlana asks who told you. Gauri says I have seen you near bathroom, now do you trust me, I m loyal to you, I m not lying. Shwetlana asks are you saying truth. Gayri says I m doing what you said. Om moves. Shwetlana sees him. She says I m not convinced, I will think, we will talk later. She sees Om and leaves.

Gauri says Buamaa said right, Shwetlana is cheap woman, she is cheating this house, she is showing knife to me. Shwetlana sees a ring and a button inside. She says you think Chulbul, I m agree to you, but I understood you are not so dumb, you are just a puppet in this game. Gauri says I have to help Om, I will free Om from this Chudail soon, thanks for saving me Lord. Shwetlana says I know when to use slaves, be in Om’s good books, fine, even then you will do my work, this way. She smiles seeing ring.

Its morning, Gauri does aarti. Om wakes up and says Chulbul, I said puja is not allowed me, these idols are not for puja. Gauri says you woke up. He says the bells woke me up. He asks about the idol clothes. She says its Lord’s Vastra, I made this, this is my work, my shop…. He recalls Gauri and asks shop. She says I don’t have a shop to get these, I made this by my hands, Lord does a lot for us, its our duty to do something, you also belief in Lord. Om says thanks, keep your belief. Gauri says till I do aarti, you can stand here, please do aarti. Om thinks if he touches me, I will feel current again, its better I do aarti. He does aarti. Ghunghat ki aad se…..plays…………

Om asks happy. Gauri says yes, even Lord is happy, now pray, Lord will answer. Om asks how do you know. Gauri says belief. Om says I want solid proof against Shwetlana, tell me which Lord will give. He gets a call from investigator. The man says its a good news, finally I got solid info about Shwetlana and her past, I m sure we will know all her secrets.

Dil Bole Oberoi 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri says I told you, to ask and see, Lord listens to everyone, you have 4g connection. Om hugs her. Shwetlana says Chulbul, you tell me or not, I will know where you are going. She smiles.

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